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Cookie Square - Cookies ‘n’ Cream

Strain: Cookie Square - Cookies ‘n’ Cream - Shiva Skunk/Indica

Producer: Vert Unlimited

Contributor: Akil Evans



Vert Unlimited’s focus on distinct branding 100%
Combination of pastry and cocoa 100%
This cookie is deliciously dank 100%
I felt a spurt of mental energy and an elevated sense of humor 100%
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Product price: $25

Vert Unlimited - Cookies n Cream - 100mg Cookie Square - Shiva Skunk/Indica
DPTHC (UNIT): 97.00 mg/unit
Strain: Shiva Skunk
THC percentage may vary by 15%

Vert Unlimited employs professional chefs to produce potent cannabis consumables with gourmet taste. Cannabis-infused butter is utilized during the baking process of Vert Unlimited Cookie Squares to create a homogenous distribution of THC.

Shiva Skunk is the strain in this particular Cookies n Cream Cookie Square, but other flavors are offered as well. Shiva Skunk is a potent indica strain born from the cross of the legendary Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1.

Appearance 5/5
Vert Unlimited’s focus on distinct branding is evident from the moment I looked at the packaging of the cookie square.

A patterned square pouch with consumption warnings, serving size, and ingredients is wrapped around another gold box that actually holds the edible. The presentation kind of reminded me of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.

I was impressed to see the THC information along with the strain information on the golden container. Releasing the edible from its plastic pouch revealed that the bar is pre-cut into ten 10mg pieces and there is also a small THC warning on the bottom of the square.

The cross stitch of vanilla and chocolate frosting is tempting, and chunks of chocolate cookie are embedded in the bar, which made my mouth drool… This cookie square is thick!

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Aroma 5/5
Smelling my Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cookie Square was quite the delight and inspired me to take a bite before I began my official tasting tests. The combination of pastry and cocoa reminded me of the scents that waft from fresh goods at a grocery store bakery.

My nose was swayed to make my mind believe the cookies square was recently extracted from the oven, even though I opened the pouch after it has been in the refrigerator for two days. The cookie smell was fantastic, but surprisingly there was a lack of any cannabis smell present.

Taste 5/5
This cookie is deliciously dank, and I give my thanks to the hands that prepared this firm-but-chewy dessert.

The texture is fluffy like sponge cake but still moist and melted on my tongue. When I bit into the cookie, I was reminded of birthday parties where one of those cookie cakes was served for desert.

Most of the cookie reminded me of a blondie brownie, with the chocolate cookie pieces adding a crunchier texture with a rich, buttery flavor.

Effect 5/5
I ate the entire Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cookie Square in one session that lasted approximately 30 minutes, and I started feeling the effects of the cookie as soon as 30 minutes later, as a slight tingling sensation scattered up and down my core.

An hour after I began eating, I felt a spurt of mental energy and an elevated sense of humor. A peaceful Zen enveloped me close to two hours after the consumption of the entire cookie square.

My body and mind were granted relief as I contemplated the wisdom of Hakuna Matata.
Three hours later, the body high was intensified to the point of weightlessness.

I would recommend this delectable edible to any level of cannabis consumer!

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It’s remarkably delicious and evenly proportioned to allow a beginner to ration use and not become uncomfortably high. A veteran ganja gangsta will not only relish the sweet treat, but also enjoy an excellent high if he or she chooses to consume the entire edible like I did.

I would definitely gift a Vert Unlimited Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cookie Square to a friend suffering from pain, lack of sleep, tension, or arthritis.

Vert Edibles is my style of edible!

I strive to be authentic and I appreciate how my Cookies ‘n’ Cream edible’s unique cookie square shape reminded me of eating cake, cookies, ice cream, and Oreo’s simultaneously!

The multi-faceted box and strain information was a refreshing display of attention to detail, rarely witnessed in other edibles.

At Planet 13, when I asked my budtender, Kat, for The Vert Edibles Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cookie Square, she had a joyful reaction. She described her favoritism for the product because of its flavor, texture, and potency, and, I must confess, that Vert Unlimited has a new place in my heart and stomach.

2548 W. Desert Inn Rd.
Phone number: (702) 815-1313
Hours: Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week

Planet 13  

I have become accustomed to being awakened in the morning by my Wiz Khalifa custom alarm, the inspiring song “No Pain.” On this Friday, however, I departed dreamland via a text message alert from Planet 13.

The alert sent me correspondence informing me of the deals the dispensary would be offering for its first anniversary. I cleverly decided to visit Planet 13 on the day after the one-year anniversary in order to avoid debilitating traffic.

Even the day after, there was still a busy parking lot with social media influencers outside the red planet water fountain and interactive lotus flowers, plus a line of more than 20 guests inside.

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In the foyer, I noticed a convenient ATM and was greeted by Tami, who directed me to my spot in the waiting lobby before suggesting I prepare my driver’s license for proof of identification. I was given a free VIP ticket to the dispensary after talking with one of the four receptionists.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the partial results of Planet 13’s Phase II remodel on this visit. The Purc Coffee Shop was open to guests and The Rickety Cricket bistro/pizzeria and bar was serving munchies to a decent crowd.

My admission ticket granted me access past the barricade into the cannabis retail space. I researched my desired products before my trip to Planet 13, thus, I neglected to consult with a patient consultant or peruse the multitude of display cases. I went straight to the checkout line.

Six budtenders were on duty, and I waited almost ten minutes, but it did not bother me because of the audio and visual stimulation of Planet 13’s drone music show.

My budtender, Kat, was extraordinary and gathered my 1g Animal Crackers indica-dominant hemp blunt. Kat also informed me that Planet 13 still has surprises to reveal in Phase II, so I’ll definitely be back soon.

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