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5MG THC tablets

Strain: 5MG THC tablets

Producer: Altus

Contributor: Erik Sinica



Plain white. Each pill is stamped 5MG 60%
Very sterile and bland scent 60%
Taste just like Tylenol 60%
Slight body high, but weak 20%
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Altus 5MG THC Indica Tablets. Altus makes a variety of cannabis products. The pills that I purchased are the indica version, but they have sativa and hybrid as well. The package says that these pills are specifically designed to enhance your life. They claim to have a formula that is perfect for everyone.

Appearance 3/5
I am not that impressed with the look of the Altus 5MG tablets. They are plain white. Each pill is stamped 5MG. They come in a red, white, and blue box. The box says "Indica FOR; Finding your mellow." They honestly look just like any over the counter medication. The pills are each an awkward triangle shape. I gave them a 3 because it is hard to impress anyone with a plain white pill. They are designed to help the user relax and get restful sleep.

Aroma 3/5
The tablets don't really have an aroma. They smell like a bottle of Tylenol. It's a very sterile and bland scent. They have a very slight mint scent to them. I am not sure if the bottle that they are in smells like mints or if the pills themselves smell like mints. I am giving them a three because I am neither pleased or displeased with the aroma. It is what it is.

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Taste 3/5
The Altus Indica Pills taste slightly of mint. They mostly taste like nothing at all. There is a faint flavor of peppermint. Once the pill dissolves on my tongue it leaves a bad aftertaste. I am assuming that these are supposed to be swallowed rather than let them dissolve on your tongue. They taste just like Tylenol. It's very bitter, and I have to drink a whole bottle of water to get the taste out of my mouth.

Effect 1/5
I was disappointed by the effect of these tablets. I have a high tolerance to THC, so I took 4 of them. I took them on an empty stomach to make sure I felt the effect. I felt a slight body high, but it was very weak. I thought for sure these would knock me out, but I ended up smoking on top of taking them because they just didn't do much of anything.

Product price: $24 for 20 x 5 MG tablets

I have been searching for THC tablets like this for a while. I was very excited to try them because it's a nice, discreet way to ingest cannabis. They did not work on me at all, though. I guess I will continue my search for THC tablets that actually get me high.

2520 S. Maryland Parkway # 2 St.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: 702-707-8888
Hours: Sunday 8AM–10PM
Monday 8AM–12AM
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Inyo Cannabis Dispensary is quickly becoming one of my favorite Las Vegas Dispensaries. The store is small, but I really like how the staff treats me. They always greet me with a huge smile, and I feel right at home. The store is super clean, and the staff really knows about all of the products they offer. The budtenders are very friendly to me. They always let me take my time browsing products. The prices are a little more than some of the other dispensaries, but I am a firm believer that you truly get what you pay for. The service is so good here that I will gladly pay more for products. I have been searching for discreet THC tablets for a while now, and I finally found them at Inyo. The store is pretty average looking as far as cannabis stores are concerned. They always do their best to get customers in and out of the store in a reasonable amount of time. I wish they had display jars so I could see and smell some of the strains that I am interested in. The manager came over and introduced himself, and they even gave me a preroll for a penny since I had to wait in line for a while. I really mean it when I say that the customer service at Inyo is top-notch.

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