A1 Yola Preroll

Strain: A1 Yola Preroll

Producer: Redwood

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



Vibrant chartreuse color and fuzzy 90%
Strong fruit scents 100%
Sweet tropical fruit flavors 100%
Fully relaxed in mind, soul, and especially in body 80%

THCa: 26.2986%
THC: 23.7008%
CBGa: 00.8802%
Terpene Profile
Caryophyllene: 3.507 mg/g
Limonene: 2.679 mg/g
Myrcene: 1.369 mg/g

A1 Yola is a tart and earthy Cannabis Indica strain produced from the cross of Indica Snow Monster and Hybrid Triple OG. This particular strain is enjoyed for its powerful ability to uplift one’s mood by relieving stress and anxiety. In the same way, A1 Yola has great potential to stimulate the appetite.

Appearance 4.5/5
Redwood presents its A1 Yola preroll in a solid black plastic child proof tube. I cannot see the joint though the packaging but I can view the cannabinoid and terpene profile provided from G3 Labs test results on the sticker label. I pop the cap and slide the Redwood branded Indica one gram doobie out of the container. Now I can view shades of evergreen through the translucent joint paper. The powdered flower within the jay has vibrant chartreuse color and fuzzy appearance because of the layers of kief.

Aroma 5/5
My nose is intrigued when I pop the A1 Yola Preroll capsule for the first time and detect its strong fruit scents. As the pungent tones rise to my nostrils from the open container I am reminded of citrus and tropical fruit because of the 2.679 mg/g Limonene and 1.369 mg/g Myrcene. In the same way, the Myrcene adds a delightful musk to the Indica joint’s fragrance. When I sniff the doobie directly the herb and spice hints of Caryophyllene become more pronounced.

Taste 5/5
I taste tart smoke when I inhale Redwood’s preroll of A1 Yola. The influential citrus flavors are provided by the 2.679 mg/g of Limonene. Those sour flavors soon fade to give way to the more herbal tones of Caryophyllene. The Myrcene is also present with slightly sweet tropical fruit flavors. I am impressed with the complexity of A1 Yola’s flavors. The tartness of Limonene, dry flavors of Caryophyllene, and mango musk of Myrcene combine to create a bewildering but memorable taste.

Effect 4/5
I finished ¾ of my Redwood A1 Yola Preroll when I began to realize the intensity of the Indica flower’s physical effects. I am fully relaxed in mind, soul, and especially in body. My extreme hunger solely motivated me to leave my chair and prepare some chicken in the air fryer. In addition to the physical euphoria and pain relief from the 3.6507 mg/g of Caryophyllene and 1.369 mg/g of Myrcene, I am in high spirits after my smoke session with A1 Yola. I attribute the joy to the 2.679 mg/g of Limonene.

Product price: $13.00 for 1g

Redwood’s A1 Yola Preroll is a great cannabis product to treat lack of appetite, pain, and inflammation. This strain exhibits powerful relaxing effects and induces a strong case of the munchies. Beginners should use caution when trying this product because of its inhibiting effects.

I was impressed with Redwood’s A1 Yola Preroll from Curaleaf considering I knew nothing of this strain prior to this purchase. The intricate taste and tantalizing aroma earned perfect scores and the ash burned white proving that TLC went into the growing process. Even though the terpene proportions were lower than average I clearly felt their effects and easily detected their tones.

Address: 1736 Las Vegas Blvd Western Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 727-3187
Hours: In Store Hours 9 am – Midnight daily
Curbside Pickup Hours 9 am – Midnight Daily
Delivery Hours 10 am – 6pm Daily

Whenever I see the Curaleaf Dispensary name I’m reminded of magic and fantastical landscapes. Maybe this is because of my affinity for science fiction, fantasy, and role playing video games. In the Final Fantasy franchise “Cure” is a holy magic spell that can restore health and damage the undead. “Cura” is the advanced level of the “Cure” magic and has similar but more powerful effects as its predecessor. Thus, whenever I see the Curaleaf brand my nerdy mind translates the title to something akin to healing herb or magical restorative plant. I believe my unofficial explanation of Curaleaf’s name is on point considering the potential medical value of the ganja goods offered and the brand’s community investment.

During the recent quarantine period due to COVID-19, I, like many Las Vegans have been ordering cannabis products to be delivered in order to combat the stress and anxiety of contemporary times. Delivery orders from Curaleaf require a $75.00 order minimum and the deliverer is restricted from giving change. In accordance with the Curaleaf Cares philanthropic initiative, Curaleaf saved the portion of the transaction that would normally be returned to the purchaser in order to fund 106 fresh meals and 85 supply kits for the homeless in Downtown Las Vegas! Not only does my purchase from this cannabis marketplace benefit me, but it also impacts my local community because of Curaleaf’s charitable efforts.
For this review I selected Redwood’s A1 Yola Preroll because of its mysterious name and peaceful characteristics. John, my Curaleaf deliverer, recognized me from my previous orders and also admitted he’s yet to try A1 Yola.

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