Millennials Are Fueling The Cannabis Economy


Source: 420intel.com Among other things, millennials communicate and learn quickly, which makes them more flexible and prone to changes than older generations. Marijuana consumption is still a taboo, but it seems like the millennial generation is working….. Read the rest on 420intel.com Cannabis, Cannabis Business, Cannabis Industry, Cannabis Industry & Marijuana, Cannabis Legalization, Cannabis News,… Read More »

The Keys to Cannabis Retail in an Internet-Driven World


Source: 420intel.com The world of retail is changing rapidly. In the past couple of decades, the term “going shopping” alone has changed. It can now mean everything from driving to a shopping center to scrolling through Amazon to exploring the Facebook Marketplace. The dawn of online shopping has been an incredible strain. Read the rest… Read More »

Lawmakers send Alabama medical marijuana bill to Senate for full vote


Source: 420intel.com Lawmakers in one of the last remaining US states where medical marijuana isn’t legal approved a bill that would allow patients in Alabama access to cannabis-based treatments.This week the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee voted….. Read the rest on 420intel.com Albama Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Business, Cannabis News, Cannnabis legalization, Las Vegas, Las Vegas Cannabis,… Read More »

Are CBD-Infused Beverages The Next Big Thing?


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What You Should Know About Cholesterol, Marijuana, And CBD


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