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Choosing the Right CBD Vape Oil: Navigating the Sea of Options

Contributor: Cana Dude Introduction CBD vape oils have surged in popularity, promising relaxation and relief. However, with countless products flooding the market, selecting the right CBD vape oil is crucial for an optimal experience and desired results. In this article, we’ll explore the factors to consider when choosing CBD vape oil, ranging from CBD concentrations… Read More »

7 Trending Vape Flavors To Try With Your Friends This Summer

Contributor: Mark Bishop Are you looking to switch up your vaping routine this summer? As temperatures rise and the days become longer, it’s the perfect time to break out new lost mary flavors and challenge your tastebuds. This blog post will deeply dive into some of the top trending vape flavors in 2023 you can… Read More »

California reports 94% of marijuana excise taxes paid as sales, revenue dip

Source: Nearly 94% of cannabis excise taxes that marijuana businesses owed to the state of California have been paid, according to state officials, who also noted that both total sales as well as tax revenue declined in 2022. Cannabis sales in California are subject to two main taxes: the state’s basic sales tax, which… Read More »

Opinion: Why aren’t your cannabis customers paying you?

Source: California cannabis companies’ recent attempts to recoup substantial debts have many in the industry asking: How did this credit crisis happen, and how can my company prevent similar issues? The problem with extending credit is that unless you evaluate the credit worthiness… Read the rest on

Cannabis growers eye AI, other digital tools to improve crops and boost productivity

Source: Cannabis growers are looking closely at mainstream agricultural technology to gain a new level of precision cultivation that employs everything from artificial intelligence and augmented reality to robots and drones. The goals: better-quality cannabis, lower labor costs and improved productivity… Read the rest on