Coronavirus Outbreak Impacts Cannabis Industry


Source: With half a billion people under lockdown, the coronavirus outbreak in China is virtually certain to take a grave impact on the Asian superpower’s economy with ripples across the planet. And the cannabis industry is, like so many global concerns, dependent on labor in China’s factory zones. Read the rest on cannabis… Read More »

Peddler’s Licenses & Co-Ops: Chicago Brainstorms Ways to Make Cannabis More Equitable

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Source: Cannabis became legal in Illinois on New Year’s Day, and now Chicago’s administration and community leaders are brainstorming ways to implement a model for the industry that addresses the social harms of prohibition. Chicago is one of the cities that has been most impacted. Read the rest on Cannabis News, Cannabis News… Read More »

Meet the Retired Marine Who Developed a CBD Line Specifically for Veterans


Source: As a retired Marine Corps Officer, Steve Danyluk is one of the last people you would expect to embrace cannabis. However, after spending time working with some of the most severely wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, he saw many veterans using the plant as a natural alternative to opioids for treating pain… Read More »

Wave of Layoffs Strikes Legal Cannabis

Legal Cannabis

Source: Legal cannabis was supposed to mean jobs and tax revenue as an enormous illicit market slowly gave way to regulated cultivation and sales. That may yet happen, but so far, both sales and the accompanying tax haul have been lower than promised. And with companies missing sales and revenue goals… Read the rest… Read More »

A Quick Guide to Cannabis Appellations: What You Need to Know

A Quick Guide to Cannabis Appellations What You Need to Know

Source: From Maui Wowie to Durban Poison to Acapulco Gold to Humboldt OG, cannabis strains often boast their geographic origin in their names. However, there is currently no system of enforcement that keeps any cannabis strain from claiming it comes from a place that it did not, in fact, come from. And if your… Read More »