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A guide to smoking dabs

smoking dabs

Contributor: D. Thomas Falling somewhere between smoking a bong and vaporizing, employing a dab rig may be a relatively easy and smooth way of dabbing during a cannabis concentrate. Typically, if you recognize somebody who features a rig for dabs, inviting them to speak about it means you are likely to have your ear crammed… Read More »

Do You Know The Impact Of Covid-19 On CBD Market?

Contributor: D. Thomas The global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in December 2019 has affected almost all countries, social lives, and the economy. It inflicted tremendous losses of lives and the economy, education, manufacturing, tourism, etc. Nonetheless, the cannabidiol (CBD) markets are also affected by this global pandemic. Here, we have explored and analyzed the… Read More »

Is It Safe to Consume Carts With Delta-8?

Contributor: D Thomas Introduction Delta 8-THC is the talk of the town, and almost everybody is heading towards its use rapidly. After all, who does not want to take pleasure in the plethora of benefits without undergoing extreme medications? Today we see every individual praising this natural product for its wide-ranging health and wellness benefits.… Read More »

Best Vape Kits 2021

Contributor: D Thomas Today most smokers are switching from their regular cigarettes to vapes. Talking about the supremacy of smoking vapes over cigarettes, the health benefits of vapes remains uncertain. However, e-cigarettes contain fewer harmful chemicals and toxic substances than traditional cigarettes. Hence, let us establish that a vape is a less damaging alternative.  News… Read More »

10 CBD Products You Need to Buy in 2021

Contributor: D. Thomas Have you ever heard of CBD? In a nutshell, it stands for cannabidiol, and it is a chemical compound that is found in marijuana plants. It is commonly used to treat different types of chronic pain and insomnia, among other things. Because of that, CBD has found its way into a wide… Read More »