The US Now Has Its First CBD-Infused Fast Food Joint, Called Illegal Burger


Source: As American consumers bicker over plant-based faux-meat items appearing on fast food menus, one Colorado-based company has figured out a way to legally offer another plant-derived product, CBD, alongside its burgers and fries….. Read the rest on Called Illegal Burger, Cannabis, Cannabis Fast Food, Cannabis Food, Cannabis Legalization, Cannabis News, Cannabis Reviews,… Read More »

NFL Player Busted with 157 Pounds of Weed by Border Patrol


Source: Greg Robinson, an NFL free agent offensive tackle, and Jaquan Bray, a former pro wide receiver, were arrested in Texas earlier this week after US Border Patrol agents discovered 157 pounds of pot in the rented SUV in which they…….. Read the rest on cannabis latest news, Cannabis sports, Las Vegas, Las… Read More »

Medical Cannabis Qualifies for Tax Deductions in New Mexico, Court Rules


Source: If cannabis is medicine, shouldn’t it receive the same subsidies, kickbacks, and tax breaks as any other pharmaceutical? According to a new court ruling in New Mexico, yes, it should. On Friday, a state Court of Appeals ruled that…… Read the rest on Las Vegas, Las Vegas Cannabis, Las vegas Cannabis news,… Read More »

Researchers Find That CBG and CGC Can Kill Gastrointestinal Cancer Cells


Source: Two relatively unexplored cannabis compounds could help kill gastrointestinal cancer cells in humans, according to a new research study. Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, an American medical cannabis firm with an Israeli R&D department…… Read the rest on Cannabis Health Benefits, cannabis latest news, Cannabis News, Cannabis News Tips, Las Vegas, Las Vegas Cannabis, Las… Read More »

Pro-Cannabis Parents Name Their Daughters “SaTiva” and “Indica”


Source: From Canada to Uruguay, cannabis reform is spreading across the globe, and even traditionally marijuana-averse countries like Thailand are starting to see green. As acceptance of cannabis continues to grow, the stigma against weed is….. Read the rest on Cannabis, Cannabis Development, Cannabis Food, Cannabis Health Benefits, Cannabis Industry & Marijuana, Cannabis… Read More »