Best Ways To Create Ripe Trichomes From Your Home Grow

Best Ways To Create Ripe Trichomes From Your Home Grow
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Best Ways To Create Ripe Trichomes From Your Home Grow
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Best Ways To Create Ripe Trichomes From Your Home Grow

Author: John Phillips
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There are loads of different things you will need to be aware of
before you can complete a successful home grow. But, I’m sure you are already
conscious of that, or else you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now.
While there is some standard knowledge that most novice growers already know
about, there is one vital piece of information that could, ultimately, take a
substandard crop to the next level of potency.
While most are curious about how to cure their weed when it
reaches that point of the process, the main thing home growers should be
concerned about is maintaining and preserving their all-too-important
trichomes. Curing weed is crucial, don’t get us wrong. But there are certain
things to keep an eye out for during the growth process that will help boost
those cannabis trichomes to new heights.
First and foremost, let it be known that when it comes to
trichomes, there are certain genotypes of marijuana that are seemingly built to
yield way more than others. So, if trichomes are your main goal (as it should
be for everyone), you will need to do your research in this regard, and find
out which particular genotypes are more susceptible to maintain larger quantities
of trichomes.
Here's How To Improve Your Home Grow Through Ripe Trichomes
Also, while it should go without saying, the atmosphere and
environment in which you choose to grow your bud in is vitally important to the
production of healthy, potent trichomes. You could have the best genotype of
cannabis in the world, but if you don’t allow it to grow in an optimal
location, it won’t produce nearly as much as it should.
That is why it is important to always consider the following when
growing cannabis at home: watering cycles, light spectrum, nutrients, humidity,
temperature, and of course, air flow. Each of these play a critical role in the
growing process, and if you are careful, you can optimize each of them with
ease. In turn, you would be helping your burgeoning trichomes flourish in an
ideal growing environment.
When you are conducting a home grow, some people tend to get too
excited when their buds start to enter into another phase of the process. With
this excitement, they throw all common sense out the window, and start to
physically inspect, touch, and smell these buds. Doing so causes a lot of
damage to the trichomes. These aspects of cannabis are tremendously sensitive,
and any sort of touch can dramatically affect the end result. So, be sure to
practice self-control when you start to see your bud bloom. Trust me, you’ll be
happy that you kept your hands to yourself when it’s all said and done.
Another aspect of the growing cycle that all young cultivators
need to be conscious of is temperature. Obviously, if your plants find
themselves in a warm to hot environment, they won’t be able to thrive. Such a
climate has the potential to do irreversible damage to the plant, and its
subsequent trichomes. In fact, when most expert growers are posed with this
problem, they suggest keeping temperatures very low – especially during the
bloom cycle. If you are able to maintain low temperatures during this portion
of the grow process, it will help increase the amount of trichomes in your
A great way to check if your buds are “too warm” is to give them
a sniff. Trichomes that have endured an amount of heat start to give off a
strong, pungent aroma. Many novices would think this is an indication of
dankness to come. However, that smell is just the trichomes being burnt off far
too early in the process. As I’m sure you can guess, they don’t exactly just
spring back into action after being subjected to such an environment. So be
careful with your temperatures.
A lot of home growers out there are abundantly anxious. They can’t
wait to start curing their weed. Which is understandable, but patience is more
than a virtue when growing cannabis at home – it is a requirement. The same
goes for those who are attempting to get the most out of their trichomes.
Harvesting your buds at the right time is paramount when attempting to achieve
this goal of high potency.
In order to know if your trichomes are at peak harvesting level,
you will need the help of a magnifying glass. Using that Sherlock-esque device,
you are going to want to get yourself a good, hard look at the trichomes,
themselves. If they are translucent, that means they still have some time to
go. However, the second these babies turn white, that is a telltale sign that
the trichomes are basically ready to be harvested. If you can elicit a little
more patience and wait until they are slightly amber in complexion, that is
when it is the best time for harvest.
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  • Growing cannabis is a science. There are a million ways to go
    about it, but some methods are more beneficial than others. It is all a matter
    of personal preference at the end of the day. If you are even thinking about
    producing a crop that will yield a healthy amount of trichomes, you will want
    to consider one of the aforementioned tactics when tackling your next home
    grow. To be fair, these aren’t the end-all, be-all of procedural approaches to
    creating a truly potent plant – but it is one heck of a start, that’s for sure.
  • One of the main things that I believe all young growers need to
    know is that growing cannabis is a process. And it’s not a quick one, either.
    There’s a lot of finesse and scientific thinking required in order to create a
    truly phenomenal bud. More than that, patience is a must. Which, for many, is
    one of the hardest things to acquire.
    Which is understandable. I know I was eager to cure my buds during
    my first home grow, and I found that giving them the ample time necessary to
    reach their full potential was one of the hardest parts about the whole
    process. Well, that and not being able to fondle the buds as much as I
    wanted to. The stickiness and fragrant nature of blooming buds are like a siren’s
    call to smokers, but it's one that we must resist if we want to take our buds
    to that much-deserved next level.
  • In short, if you are planning on taking on a home grow,
    congratulations. Before you pat yourself on the back, you should pick up as
    many books as you can on the subject. Knowledge is most certainly the key when
    talking about growing marijuana.
    There’s an intricacy to the process that many don’t anticipate.
    Along with that, you should be prepared to make a litany of different
    decisions, in regards to next steps and methods, during the entire process.
    With each passing day, a series of new decisions will need to be made, and the
    wrong answer could end up ruining your entire crop. Which is why it is vital
    that you educate yourself as much as you can. That way, you can avoid any
    rookie mistakes that would, ultimately, damage the bud you have worked on for
    so long.


When the entire process is complete, every grower wants to reap the potent rewards of their hard work. If you follow the tips and tricks mentioned here, you will be giving yourself a way better chance at creating something that you can really be proud of.
Happy growing, my fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

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