Blue Moonshine Flower

Strain: Indica

Producer: Green Water Farms

Contributor: Ganja Gangsta



Blue Moonshine Flower produced by Green Water Farms 80%
Bittersweet and earthy aroma 60%
Taste saccharine berry and citrus flavors 80%
I feel creative and inspired to get up and do something fun 80%
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Green Water Farms: Blue Moonshine Flower - Indica - 1g for $13
THC: 16.62%

Terpene Profile
Limonene: 2.87 mg/g
Caryophyllene: 1.29 mg/g
Myrcene: 1.40 mg/g

DJ Short originally produced Blue Moonshine from the cross of Indica Afghani and Sativa Thai. Green Water Farms classifies Blue Moonshine as a Cannabis Indica but some cannabis consumers consider it to be an Indica Dominant Hybrid. A slowed mental pace and relaxation of the body are results of this tart blueberry scented flower’s high.

Appearance 4/5
I witness a variety of colors in the hairy Blue Moonshine Flower produced by Green Water Farms. Orange thin and wiry pistils sprout from the crevices of the forest green calyx. When I shine a light on the nuggets the clear trichomes sparkle. I also notice shades of purple in the leaves and calyx. Even though the foil pouch that holds the half a dozen Cannabis Indica nugs is resealable. The freshness of the flower is compromised if it all is not consumed after the initial opening.

Aroma 3.5/5
The Blue Moonshine Flower has a bittersweet and earthy aroma. When I first cut open the foil pouch and smell the container’s interior I am reminded of miniwheat cereal because of the sweetened wheat scent. My initial impression of the scent is that of a skunk lost in a large hayfield because of the dry and slightly funky aroma. In addition, my nostrils recognize slight hints of citrus when I put my nose close to the packaging.

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Taste 4/5
When I shred Blue Moonshine flower and smoke it in a RAW cone it tastes very smokey and herbal. But there are also saccharine tones when I inhale the Inidca herb from my doobie because of the 2.87 mg/g of LImonene and 1.40 mg/g of Myrcene. As I first start to pull I can briefly taste saccharine berry and citrus flavors. The rest of the smoke is influenced by the spicy properties of the 1.29 mg/g of Caryophyllene.

Effect 4/5
Green Water Farms Blue Moonshine Flower puts me in a brazen mood during the loneliness of the Corona Quarantineand I feel like quoting Lieutenant Barclay. “I don’t need a counselor, I need the company of a charming and intelligent woman”. Blue Moonshine’s relaxing effects make my body feel refreshed. I start to feel tired and sleepy after smoking nearly half a gram joint of this Indica flower. At the same time, I feel creative and inspired to get up and do something fun.



In my opinion, the Blue Moonshine Flower produced by Green Water Farms is ideal for first time and beginner cannabis consumers because of its low THC percentage and low terpene count. This Indica product causes relaxing and joyful effects. Maybe Blue Moonshine would be effective in treating pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

Address:2244 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number:(702) 209 - 2400
Hours:  Daily 9AM - 12 AM

Las Vegas Releaf
I have taken a long break from visiting Las Vegas Releaf because I was unimpressed with front of house staff’s service and hospitality. On my first visit, the receptionist’s attitude towards me was intended to make me feel like I was inconveniencing him simply by entering the business. The anguish inflicted by checking my driver’s license was evident even though he was paid for his time and fulfillment of his duties at Las Vegas Releaf.

On my return to the Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary there was a different clerk stationed at the check in desk. Still, I experienced customer service that epitomized unprofessionalism. After confirming my identity I was allowed into the foyer. Here, the front of house staff directed me to “follow the footprint shits”, referring to the social distancing markings on the floor. I thanked God that that was the extent of my exposure to the front of the house employees .

A budtender approached me with a copy of the current dispensary menu, and gave me time to review the list. After a few moments she returned to me and wrote down my order to expedite the checkout process. As required everyone inside was wearing a face mask. Likewise, the public restrooms were out of order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Once I made it to the budtender counter, all I had to do was hand over the sticky note that detailed my desired ganja goods. The wait in line tested my patience, but the transaction was swift. I left Las Vegas Releaf with a $13 gram of Blue Moonshine Flower produced by Green Water Farms.

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