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Bruce Banner

Strain: Bruce Banner

Producer: GBH Cultivation Labs

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Ghb Cultivation Labs Bruce Banner
Ghb Cultivation Labs Bruce Banner Packaging


Deep forest green color 100%
Sense of life 80%
Tangy strawberry notes 100%
Strongest strains currently 100%
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Bruce Banner from GBH Cultivation Labs is a sativa-dominant strain. No, I am not talking about the Marvel hero currently dominating movie theaters. I am talking about a different green beast. Bruce Banner is fantastic weed. It is the type of strain that you make a mental note of because you want to smoke it again and again. The name is spot on. Instead of pumping your body with rage-induced adrenaline like, The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner relaxes you. As you smoke it, your body slowly releases the tension it was holding, and you drift into a euphoric state. The strain is a hybrid. It is not going to lock you onto the couch and it is not going to send you spinning. It is the child of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, two powerful strains in their own right.

Appearance 5/5
Bruce Banner nugs are a deep, forest green color. The buds are bright with silvery trichomes. Orange strands curls around the leaves. It is hard to judge cannabis based on its appearance. Some of the blandest-looking buds can produce some of the most mind-meltingly strong highs. However, there is something to be said for pretty weed and Bruce Banner is definitely that. It entices you. If you were looking at an array of weed buds spread out on a table, Bruce Banner would be one of the ones that caught your eye. Purple strains get all the attention when it comes to cannabis beauty contests. Yet, I almost prefer the understated richness of the grassy-colored strains.

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Aroma 4/5
Bruce Banner’s Strawberry Diesel parent makes itself known in the aroma. You barely have to lift a bud to your nostrils before you are hit with a powerful fruity smell. The sweet overtones mask everything else. Looking at a few Bruce Banner buds, you would expect them to smell earthy. The buds just exude a sense of life. However, the scent is more complex than that.
At first whiff, you are caught by the sultry sweet strawberry smell. As the different notes of the aroma become clearer, you will be able to distinguish the aroma of diesel.

Taste 5/5
Bruce Banner tastes even better than it smells. The sweet, tangy strawberry notes that are so appealing when they hit your nostrils can also be detected on your taste buds. The smoke is incredibly smooth. It fills your lungs but doesn’t leave you with a harsh exhale. Smoking a puff of Bruce Banner is like nibbling on a small piece of candy. The sweeter strains are easier to smoke. You could also use your Bruce Banner nugs to create a tasty weed oil. Making your own concentrates is a ton of fun if you have the weed to spare. If you use high-quality buds, your oil will turn out even better. The overall fruitiness is tinged with a slightly musky taste, like a strawberry freshly picked from the bush.

Effect 5/5
This is one of the strongest strains currently on the market. The GBH Cultivation Labs variety hits a whopping 28% THC. Even experienced stoners might get stupid stoned if they are smoking Bruce Banner. People talk a lot about the effects of sativa vs indica weed. Sativa strains are supposed to give you a little pep while indicas are often recommended for sleep struggles. Bruce Banner, a hybrid, falls perfectly in-between the two extremes. Your body will feel slightly revved up but not in a way that triggers any anxiety. Ultimately, the strain is very calming. If you are interested in seeing the original green monster on the big screen, a few puffs of Bruce Banner before you enter the theater will hit the spot.

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Medical patients suffering from extreme or chronic stress and pain should experiment with Bruce Banner. It is strong enough to potentially provide powerful pain relief. As your muscles relax, you will naturally feel more comfortable. If you are suffering from anxiety, smoke a puff and see how it makes you feel. The high THC content might be too much to handle.

Bruce Banner is a great strain for smokers who are not fazed by THC. It might be a little heavy if you are a complete novice. But hey, you are in Vegas. If you end up getting too stoned, go eat some Doritos and sleep it off by the pool.

Bruce Banner recreational prices (taxes included):
1g ($20), ($55), ¼ ($100), ½ ($190), 10z ($363)

5630 Stephanie St,
Las Vegas, NV 89122
Phone number: (702) 418-0420
Hours: 8AM-12AM


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