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Bubba Fett THC Crystalline Powder

Strain: Bubba Fett THC Crystalline Powder

Producer: Kannabis

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Kannabis Bubba Fett THC Crystalline Powder
Kannabis Bubba Fett THC Crystalline Powder Packaging


Light and dusty, very pale 50%
Melds beautifully with weed 50%
Powder is almost pure THC 50%


Doesn’t smell like anything 30%
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4647 Swenson St,
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone number: (702) 463-5777
Hours: 12 a.m. to 12 a.m. every day

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

If you want to experience late-night Vegas, walk into the Grove after midnight.

You’ll be confronted with the classic city crowd: spillover patrons from the bar next door, walk-in traffic from the busy, off-strip street outside, and the usual Vegas vampires who seem to only come out at night.  

It’s awesome.

The Bubba Fett THC Crystalline Powder by Kannabis is even better. If you love concentrates, it’ll be hard not to become infatuated with this one. I could smoke it every day if I didn’t have to worry about things like paying my rent and being a functional member of society.

Here’s why you’ll love it.

Appearance 5/5
If you’ve ever tried kief, you already know what the powder looks like. It’s light and dusty and very, very pale. It doesn’t resemble weed anymore. It’s like if you scraped off the trichomes of a horde of buds and collected them in a bowl.

Bubba Fett powder is created using a solventless extraction method. It’s very pure. Its appearance is attractive because the color is completely clear and unmuddied.

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You don’t get a lot of powder in the jar. The .5g looks very small when you shake it out. However, it’s so strong that you don’t need much.

Aroma 3/5
This concentrate doesn’t smell like anything. It’s rich with THC, but all the terpenes have been taken out. Bubba Fett powder doesn’t smell bad. It’s just not particularly inviting. It gives off a mild, almost unnoticeable scent.

Some stoners are obsessed with the aroma of weed. They can’t enjoy a bud or a concentrate unless it’s pungent. This powder won’t satisfy their needs.

When you smoke Bubba Fett, the only thing you’re going to smell is the cannabis you’re using. If you’re smoking a dank strain, it’ll stink up the room as usual. The powder won’t make a noticeable difference.

Taste 5/5
Every bowl or joint is elevated if you add Bubba Fett powder. The taste of the weed is heightened because your senses go into overdrive after the first puff. The powder doesn't have a lot of flavor on its own. But it melds beautifully with your weed.

If you used a tasty strain to create your base bowl, your Bubba Fett puff will taste lovely. If you used sub-par weed, the taste won’t be as amazing, but it’ll still be pretty good.

You can’t go wrong with Bubba Fett powder.

Effect 5/5
83.4% THC.

Let that sink in. This powder is almost pure THC. When you smoke it, you’ll be slammed with a total body high. Mix it with strong weed like I did, and you’ll be transported to another planet.

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Have I ever been so high before? Maybe. Details like that are fuzzy and hard to remember when you’re blazing Bubba Fett powder.

You know what you’re getting into before you start smoking. Don’t spark up a bowl an hour before your math test. You can’t enjoy Bubba Fett unless you’re in an environment where you’re free to get dopey.

Concentrates are intimidating. Dab rigs, torches, nails, even the lingo is intense.

The crystalline powder is perfect for smokers who are just breaking into this complicated world. You don’t need any special gear. Grab a pinch of Bubba Fett and sprinkle it on a joint or on top of a bowl. It almost doesn’t matter what kind of weed you use.

The powder is so potent that even if you dust it on weak, low-THC weed, you’ll still get incredibly stoned.

You can also try dabbing if you’re committed. You just can’t use a high-temperature heat source. The powder will melt too quickly if you do.

Bubba Fett powder is special occasion weed. It’s what you bust out on crazy nights when you want to get so blazed you have trouble standing up straight.

There’s no way to enjoy this in moderation. Sure, you can try being stingy with your powder bowls, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t become wildly stoned anyway. This stuff is STRONG.

Do you have a long flight home when you leave Vegas? A couple of puffs of Bubba Fett powder right before you arrive at the airport will hit the spot.

Bubba Fett THC Crystalline Powder by Kannabis recreational prices (taxes included): .5g ($30)

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