Cactus OG pre-roll

Strain: Hybrid

Producer: Desert Grown Farms

Contributor: Doobie Dragon



I like that the shake is minced 80%
The aroma is earthy and pine 60%
Flavors from Cactus OG 80%
The Hybrid weed is very potent 100%

Desert Grown Farms: Cactus OG pre-roll - Indica Dominant Hybrid - 1g of $12.50
THC: 22.08%
CBD: 00.04
CBGa: 02.32%

Terpene Profile
𝛃-Myrcene: 03.38 mg/g
Limonene: 02.50 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 01.70 mg/g

When I spill out the Shake from the Cactus OG pre-roll I can see the chartreuse shredded calyx and pieces of evergreen sugar leaves. I can also observe the golden dust of the trichomes mixed in with the ground flower. I like that the shake is minced without being sliced and diced into matcha powder. Transparent white paper is wrapped around the Hybrid flower to create a doobie. The doobie has a long white filter and is twisted to get the weed inside. There is a transparent cylinder with a lab results sticker label attached.

Desert Grown Farms Cactus OG pre-roll smells more like a fresh garden, or one hundred acre wood than a cactus garden. There is a strong sense of pine and bark when I pop the tube and smell the interior of the container. The aroma is earthy and pine, with sweet and citrus elements. Just as Desert Grown Farms, promised the scent is earthy and pine with hints of lemon. Overall, I would describe the aroma as bittersweet.

When I inhale the Desert Grown Farms Cactus OG pre-roll the flavor is light and refreshing. This Hybrid full gram pre-roll is a smooth smoke. As I breathe in deep, the taste of the vapor reminds me of fresh plants. Flavors from Cactus OG are more refreshing than the aromas. Unlike the aroma, the taste of the doobie mimics plants like cacti. The bitter herbal flavors in the Hybrid doobie are strong, but not abrasive.

I recognize the powerful high from Desert Grown Farms Cactus OG with only a few puffs of the pre-roll. The Hybrid weed is very potent because I began to feel a sense of joy building in my chest after smoking only approximately ¼ of the doobie. After thatI start to feel like my movements are slowed. I feel grounded and zen because of the relaxing effects from this Hybrid flower. Super duper chill mode is activated after smoking only half of the Cactus OG.

Product price: $12.50 for 1g

I recommend that beginner smokers stay away from Desert Grown Farms Cactus OG pre-roll because of its potent relaxing effects. Cactus OG is great for reducing stress, pain, anxiety, and depression. The relaxing effects of this product make it great for low energy activities.

I was impressed with Cactus OG’s Hybrid pre-roll high. It was amazingly sedating and gave me a heavy zen feeling throughout my body. In the end, chill mode was activated after I finished puffing on this Desert Grown Farms one gram doobie. I’m thankful Essence Cannabis Dispensary was selling this product for only $12.50.

2307 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas NV 89101
Phone number:(702) 978-7591
Hours:  8 AM - 8 PM

Doobie Dragon
After leaving the egg, there are many lessons to be learned on the journey to becoming a wise dragon. Back in the day, Benjamin Franklin secretly befriended dragons, and often exchanged knowledge with my ancestors. Thus, “a penny saved is a penny earned” was a maxim I learned as a young wyrmling. As a result, I often research several dispensary menus before deciding which one to patron. I started drawing up a flight plan for 2307 South Las Vegas Boulevard when I viewed the Essence Cannabis Dispensary menu. One of my favorite premium brands, Desert Grown Farms was offering one gram pre-rolls for only $12.50 at this location! I have fond memories of all my experiences with Desert Grown Farms products but am used to paying a premium price. I could not disappoint Ben Frank and miss out on this dank deal.

With gusto, I repelled from the ground and glided down Las Vegas Boulevard towards the strip. I circled around the Stratosphere while searching for a place to land when I noticed strange clouds in the clear Nevada sky. As I approached the parking lot for safe landing I smelled a variety of cannabis cologne. All of the people waiting in line at the dispensary entrance were smoking on doobies! At least there was enough smoke in the air to get everyone high. I finally infiltrated the dispensary after passing security guards, receptionist clerks, more security guards, and two more lines. I didn't even have the opportunity to learn my budtender’s name because of her rushed behavior. So, I quickly gave my order for a one gram Desert Grown Farms Cactus OG pre-roll and flew home at warp speed.

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