Can CBD gummies help people with tinnitus?

Contributor: Dylan Fischer

The medical condition currently affects up to 50 million Americans. Given that science is yet to find a concrete cure for tinnitus, many suffer from it without refuge. According to a new study, those who had tinnitus are facing worse conditions due to the pandemic. In such times, with new tinnitus cases and chronic tinnitus sufferers, any relief is undoubtedly helpful! Many turns to CBD gummies for this relief as conventional treatment systems do not exist. CBD’s pain and anxiety alleviation feature set a mark amongst many other relief systems. If you are unsure of the effects, try anti-anxiety CBD gummies in UK yourself! 

What are CBD gummies?  

CBD gummies are an edible form of cannabidiol, appearing much like regular gummies. Cannabidiol is one of the various chemical compounds from the hemp or marijuana plant. Hemp is much like marijuana but with lower THC levels that cause a ‘high’ or popular psychoactive effect. Since CBD users do not experience this high, they are safe to consume CBD for medicinal and recreational purposes. Its immense health benefits mark it from many other healing options and show results in most cases.

CBD comes in many different forms like tinctures, oils, gels, and edibles like gummies. CBD gummies are lauded for their ease of experience, effortless intake, and feasibility! These set them apart from many other forms of CBD intake. Tinnitus users may find CBD gummies convenient, flavorful, and favorable. CBD gummies also reduce the bitterness one may feel while consuming through other forms. This option also increases their wide range of flavors and preferences so that they can experience some relief in the best way possible! 

 The effects kick in a lot faster through gummies than through many other forms of intake. The average time taken by a Plain Jane CBD gummy is up to 20-40 minutes. This span speaks of immediate relief to many. The reasons people take it range from pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia to conditions like acne or tinnitus. 

 Although there is little research on CBD and its long-term effects, CBD’s effects on tinnitus are even scant. As user experiences are still at an all-time high, we encourage those to take a responsible choice and test if it works for them!

How do CBD gummies help with tinnitus? 

When users began using CBD for other medicinal and recreational properties, they realized its healing properties on tinnitus as well. When the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brains interact with CBD, they streamline and enhance our body and mind communication. Since these receptors have a major role in body balance and hearing, many believe that it is the causal factor for CBD providing relief to tinnitus sufferers. This correlation also holds for other hearing disorders.

However, a study conducted in 2015 using CBD on lab rats showed it did not help with tinnitus. On the flip side, it even worsened the state of some of these rats. Since preliminary research is not unique to CBD effects on tinnitus (but applies to almost all CBD research), we are still unaware of its impact on tinnitus sufferers.

Some CBD research on stress relief is significant here. Another study on the use of cannabidiol for treating anxiety disorders reflects that CBD may help relieve stress. This study also proves the effectiveness of CBD on anxiety behaviors related to anxiety disorders like OCD, SAD, PTSD, among many others.

Users who have found relief in their lives are willing to turn to the option regardless of the lack of research data. Their personal experience and relief experience may take the fore over waiting for any solution or treatment. They are aware of the lack of data, which applies even to the possible side effects. We encourage you to stay connected with scientific research and findings, to stay aware in case of any precaution.

Things to keep in mind while trying CBD gummies for tinnitus 

Due to the absence of tinnitus treatment, users lay mostly stressed from the ringing in their ears. They find the CBD gummies appealing and relaxing. Even if it is a temporary solution, many do not hesitate to turn to it. Many users report their experiences of the results and how they help them de-stress in their daily lives. 

 Some users also rightly share that everyone’s experiences and capacities will be different. Since users may have different levels of tinnitus, be it mild or chronic, it is significant to note these differences will exist. Any said dosage requirement that works for someone else may not work for you. And that is alright! 

Many prefer using CBD gummies as and when they need them. This decision perhaps helps them keep their intake in check while using it when they deem it necessary. Such a system also allows users to listen to their bodies. Their use of CBD would respond to their bodies’ requirements and not as a craving or need, limiting it to essential service. Given the lack of psychoactive features, an increased use may not get you high! You may adapt your CBD requirement and use it according to how it suits your needs.

Buyers steps ahead 

As with any CBD purchase, you must ensure that you use testimonials as guiding factors but do not rely on them. Testimonials have been a helpful aid for many but, since everyone has different experiences, you can try them for yourself.  

Do your preliminary research and find brands that have adequate licenses and a good reputation. We believe that many pages may organize CBD product lists for you, but nothing is a stand-in for your hard work and effort in finding the right product for you. If you can afford to do so, discussing the intake of CBD gummies for tinnitus with your doctor may also be beneficial. Although the lack of scientific input may inhibit many, you could perhaps gain from their knowledge or insight. This awareness gives them a chance to equip themselves and respond to your requirements.

Bottom Line

CBD gummies are people’s favorite for their user-friendly features. Not only are brands diversifying their CBD flavors but, now they offer vegan options as well. These include the various purposes, users, and needs people have when they turn to CBD. CBD gummies may work like a charm on your existing tinnitus problems. We truly wish it does! Grab your CBD gummies pack and let us know if it helped.

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