Candy Queen (1g Flower)

Strain: Candy Queen

Producer: NLVO

Contributor: Akil Evans



Shaped buds covered with just as much kief weigh 100%
Candied and spicy aromas 80%
Spice and sugar sandwich 80%
Strong effect 100%
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NLVO: Candy Queen - Hybrid - 1 gram - Flower
THC: 28.066%

Terpene Profile
𝛃-Myrcene: 5.444 mg/g
𝝰-Pinene: 2.350 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 2.182 mg/g

I remember my first exposure to the NLVO brand at a cannabis magazine event in 2018. I got the opportunity to speak with a chemist who works directly with production and was glad to hear about the company’s indoor grow practices that do not add potentially harmful plant growth regulators. NLVO’s website is currently down, so even though I went straight to the source, I could not find the specifics for the NLVO’s Candy Queen strain. Although different producers list different lineages online, the common denominator in lineage is Space Queen. Space Queen is a hybrid with fruity and spicy tones that normally delivers a balanced high mentally and physically. Other producers use Candy Kush or Blue Bonic to cross with Space Queen to produce a Candy Queen strain. I’m expecting an indica-dominant hybrid high because of the high amount of myrcene outweighs the pinene. Myrcene is more closely related to sedative effects, and pinene is a more energizing terpene.

Appearance 5/5
One small sparkling compact neon green nugget and two larger cone-shaped buds covered with just as much kief weigh a full gram on NLVO’s Candy Queen hybrid flower. There are glistening bronze trichomes coating every nook and cranny of the cured plant. The concentration of trichomes is so dense that the jar is caked with the royal dust. The sugar leaves and calyx are a pine green, which contrasts against the sweet potato colored pistils.

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Aroma 4/5
I peel off the black and gold NLVO sticker and untwist the cap of the glass jar to liberate the candied and spicy aromas of NVLO’s Candy Queen. The sweet tones of the cannabis cologne remind me of fruits with a hint of chocolate. I can detect melon and citrus fruits with bitter dark cocoa.
Moreover, the bitter tones remind me of nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and chai. In the same way, chai tea pours into my imagination when I inhale the scents from the jar.

Taste 4/5
The first hit of NLVO’s Candy Queen from my glass bowl serves me a delicious spice and sugar sandwich. Because the primary bitter smoke flavor is quickly followed by something similar to sweet candy and yet the final taste to roll across my tongue is once again spicy. Soon after, tropical fruit flavors bring to mind mango and honeydew. The nautical maritime trade routes known as the Silk Roads transported Indonesia spices from the Moluccas Islands. The seasoned tones of Candy Queen’s haze remind me of these classic spices known to man since the 15th century.

Effect 5/5
I anticipated a strong effect when I read that the Tetrahydrocannabinol percentage was greater than 28%. And I was still surprised to feel an immediate change in my physical and cerebral status with Candy Queen’. I feel more passionate and relaxed. My confidence and curiosity increase immensely. For example, contemplating a synonym for spices like chai, cinnamon, and pepper led me to learn about Ferdinand Von Richthofen, the German geographer who titled the historic maritime trade route known as the Silk Road.

Product price: $15.00

I recommend Candy Queen produced by NLVO only for beginner and intermediate cannabis users. The above-average THC percentage paired with the flavorful terpene profile may stimulate the mind and relax the body to create an overwhelming effect for beginners. Candy Queen definitely affects the entire body, mind, and spirit. It is a useful strain for relaxing with leisurely activities such as reading or walking.
NLVO Candy Queen delivers saccharine notes in aroma and taste. However, these candy flavors come with a price of spice. I felt much more enthusiastic about all the wonders of the world because of this high. The flavor was dope but not amazing. I believe Candy Queen was sold out on my previous visits to MedMen because of its high THC percentage.

823 S 3rd St,
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: Daily 10AM - Midnight

I finally celebrated the New Year Vegas-style with the transition from 2019 to 2020. My seasoned smoking sensei invited me to his penthouse crib on the Las Vegas strip to watch the fireworks produced by the Las Vegas strip hotels. Before I joined the last celebration of the year, I enjoyed an intimate dinner with a special person that holds my heart. It seems like my dreams of the ultimate throw down came true at the end of 2019. After I knocked on the door, not only was I welcomed by my brother in bud but also by the lovely scent of cannabis. The party was dope, and everyone was generous with their flower. It was the first time I had difficulty trying to get others to smoke from my stash. Yet, when the party was over and the new year arrived, I had happily consumed my entire haul of ganja.

If I learned anything in 2019, it’s that there are a multitude of dispensaries that offer high-quality products at an affordable cost. Part of my updated goals is to get back to the basic practices that helped me gain success in the past. As a result, I decided to return to the first dispensary I ever visited in Nevada, MedMen Downtown, in The Arts District. It was the First Friday in Las Vegas, a special day to celebrate arts and culture in the city every month, when I pulled up on MedMen Downtown. Surprisingly, the location was not very populated considering the abundance of traffic and dispensary discounts. Perhaps it wasn’t busy because of the detours caused by the construction on 3rd street.

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The receptionist and security greeted me with “Welcome back” and “Happy New Year!” before I showed my driver’s license to be checked in for this visit. Once I entered the facility, I noticed that my wanted product was finally in stock. The last three visits MedMen had sold out of Candy Queen. Not today! When I was approached by Alexander, I informed him of my desire for one gram of Candy Queen produced by NLVO for $15.00. According to Alexander, Candy Queen is delicious, but the high was not as memorable. I’m looking forward to testing the strain myself.

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