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Strain: Cannavative’s Indica Capsules

Producer: The Source Henderson

Contributor: Sabrina Lowe

Cannavative Indica Capsules
Cannavative Indica Capsules The Source Henderson
Cannavative Indica Capsules Packaging


Pretty deep purple color 100%
No taste 100%
Mild tingling sensation 80%


Ad description 0%
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Cannavative’s Indica Capsules are an interesting approach to edibles. Because they are odorless and easy to take, they appeal to a wider market.

Appearance 5/5
These capsules are pretty. The deep purple color hints at the traditionally sedative effects of an indica while the sativa variety are a bright orange which hints at the traditionally uplifting effects. The differentiation is great to make sure that the user does not mix them up by accident if one were to use both. They are about the size of a cold medicine pill. Not overwhelmingly large, and since they are capsules, they are nice and smooth. They don’t appear to be difficult to swallow.

Taste 5/5
There is virtually no taste to the pills themselves. Sometimes capsules can taste funny. However, these did not present any sort of strange taste when taking it. After a while, I did notice a slight aftertaste while digesting it. The taste was not unpleasant. It was more so a reminder that great sleep was on the way.

Effect 4/5
Cannavative’s Indica Capsules take about two hours to begin taking effect, just like any traditional edible. It starts as a mild tingling sensation in the body. It then slowly becomes a deeper sedation that can make the user feel stuck. Eventually, the user will experience a sense of euphoria and finally drift off to sleep.

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Upon waking up, the user may feel a little cloudy or groggy. Once fully up and awake, one feels energetic from getting quality sleep.

Cannavative’s Indica Capsules are a great natural alternative to sleeping pills. For those that want to use cannabis to help with sleeping problems, this is an excellent option if one does not want to smoke or consume infused sweets. The capsules can be opened revealing a mixture of cocoa butter. If one is hesitant to swallow a pill, the user may be able to find other ways of consuming this such as dissolving the cocoa butter mixture in a cup of tea.

The user should be cautious when using this product. Make sure to plan for a solid six to eight-hour rest period, so one can fully sleep off the effects. Again, one may find difficulty getting out of bed. Make sure to give a fifteen to twenty-minute cushion in the morning as well. Since each capsule is ten milligrams of THC, I would recommend new users to experiment with these on the weekend to give one time to adjust.

The Source Henderson provided quick, seamless service when I used the pick-up option. They did not miss a beat making sure their online shopping and in-store shopping experience are equally gratifying. Cannavative’s Indica Capsules are very well made and deliver the desired results. This is an excellent product for novice and experienced users alike. For those struggling with sleep, place an order for Cannavative’s Indica Capsules from The Source Henderson and finally get a well-deserved good night of sleep.

9480 S Eastern Blvd. #185
Henderson, NV 89052
Phone number: (702) 708-2222
Hours: 8AM-11PM

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I visited The Source Las Vegas so I decided to check out The Source Henderson to see how they compare. For this visit I also utilized their pick-up option. I had never ordered cannabis online, and I wanted to see what it was all about. I was able to go to The Source Henderson’s website, select what I wanted, and submit my order to the dispensary. It had my full total including tax displayed which was cool, so I knew exactly how much cash I would need to bring.

When I got to The Source Henderson, I went to the front and got checked in. Since there was no one in the medical line the concierge there checked me in for faster service. After he checked me in, I went to the pick-up line and that concierge had my order waiting. She was also able to cash in my reward points for a discount. I had assumed I could only use rewards on in-store purchases; however, I was pleasantly surprised. There is no way to apply discounts in advance, but they will apply them once the customer is there in person. The concierge was able to give me information on the product I was picking up as well. No matter if I use the pick-up option or go in-store, whoever I have encountered has knowledge on what they sell.

I still browsed just because The Source Henderson is so inviting. They have exposed ceilings that help to make the dispensary feel larger. The stark white walls compliment the wood and metal displays, and there is a darker contrasting wall that helps to retain some of the coziness of the space. The dispensaries’ layouts are almost identical for easy navigation no matter which location you happen to visit. They are like the Trader Joe’s of cannabis. Both are small, neighborhood, friendly, interactive markets. The fact that they offer pick-up is pretty cool, because I know that I have a speedy way to get what I want if I’m really in a hurry. The Source maintains a high standard at both the Henderson and Las Vegas locations. No matter what side of town I’m on, I can rely on The Source to provide an excellent cannabis shopping experience.


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