Marijuana for Anxiety: Effects, Risks, & Consumption Methods You Must Know (2022)

Contributor: Mark Bishop With the significant increase in mental disorders, 19.86% of adults, which accounts for about 50% of Americans, there is a lot of concern about the potential effects of calming drugs like Cannabis. Can Cannabis calm the mind and symptoms of mental disorders? Among the major mental disorders, GAD affects more than 6.8… Read More »

Illinois adult-use cannabis sales hit $40 million in first month


Source: Recreational marijuana stores in Illinois sold almost $40 million worth of product during the state’s first month of legal sales. That is far more than the $6.5 million in recreational marijuana sold in Michigan, which began sales a month earlier than Illinois’ Jan. 1 launch….. Read the rest on Business news, Cannabis Business, cannabis sales… Read More »

Man, 80, arrested for growing cannabis plants for CBD oil that’s ‘saving his life’


Source: A man who was arrested for growing cannabis plants for medicinal purposes believes the law will kill him, when the Class B drug is keeping him alive. Philip Antony Bevington, who goes by the name Tony, started growing cannabis plants in his garage to extract both CBD and THC compounds in the plants’… Read More »

Things are going swimmingly at lucrative new locale in Lesotho: Halo Labs


Source: Halo Labs Inc., a producer of cannabis oils and concentrates, said it expects its first harvest of cannabis in Lesotho, Africa, to be completed ahead of schedule. The company signed a definitive agreement to buy Bophelo Bioscience in November, giving it access to one of the largest African licences, in terms of land,… Read More »

The Nine Foundational Pillars Of Cannabis Markets


Source: Worldwide, there are now more than 50 countries which are operating some form of legalized cannabis program, whether for hemp, CBD, medical cannabis, or adult-use cannabis. While each faces its own respective challenges for deploying a well-regulated system, it is becoming an increasingly common practice,… Read the rest on BCBud, Best Cannabis… Read More »