IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease written in notebook

Using THC to Treat IBD

Using THC to Treat IBD Patients Contributor: Asia Mayfield There’s fresh hope for patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Cannabis is being looked at as a serious, viable option for treatment. Research efforts are being aided by the legalization movements sweeping the country. Patients interested in trying cannabis for themselves can legally purchase flower,… Read More »

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CBD and Your Body’s Ability to Heal

CBD and Your Body Contributor: Lauren Brandstadter, LMT Our bodies alert us when there is an imbalance or disharmony. It shows us there’s something, “off,” by exhibiting various symptoms. The most powerful indicator of disharmony or dis-ease in the body is the pain response. Pain wants your attention! The pain response is a, “red… Read More »

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