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Chem Cage

Strain: Chem Cage - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Producer: Solaris Farms

Contributor: Keith Wagner



Looks like green baby powder 40%
There is no smell to this Chem Cage preroll 20%
To sum it up in one word, the flavor is bad 20%
The effect of Chem Cage was weak 60%


Ad description 0%
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Product price: $5 for 1G pre roll

Chem Cage is a hybrid strain. I couldn't find much information on Chem Cage online. When I tried to call Oasis to find out more about the genetics of this strain, no one would answer the phone. I was disappointed because Oasis had done so well every time I was in the store. Chem Cage is definitely a derivative of Chemdawg.

Appearance 2/5
The inside of the Sour Banana preroll looks like green baby powder. It was ground so finely that it is practically dust. The color is a nice hue of green but it is extremely dry plant matter. There are very small specks of orange, yellow, and purple of the backdrop of lime green. I don't expect to be impressed by ground up weed in the first place but this is beyond disappointing.

Aroma 1/5
There is no smell to this Chem Cage preroll. I was expecting a scent similar to Chemdawg but it smelled like nothing. There was a slight grass smell similar to hay or dried lawn clippings. The little scent it had was like yard clippings that had been put in a bag wet and dried for months. I am sure cows would love this smell, but I do not.

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Taste 1/5
Imagine what smoking actual grass tastes like. Now imagine mixing a small amount of cheap commercial cannabis. That is what Chem Cage tastes like. To sum it up in one word, the flavor is bad. I wasn't expecting to fall in love with the flavor of this strain, and boy was I right. It burns my throat and makes me cough. It tastes like the weed I smoked when I was 15 years old, terrible.

Effect 3/5
The effect of Chem Cage was weak. It didn't give me a head high at all. The high was all body high. It made me very drowsy. I was trying to watch an episode of Rick and Morty and I was fighting to stay awake. My body felt very sluggish and my brain felt very foggy. I did get a pretty strong case of the munchies. I slept very well that night.

Chem Cage isn't really a strain I would recommend. It did have some positive effects on my appetite and sleep but it tasted bad. I am not sure what happened when this strain was being cultivated but something definitely went wrong. The end product just wasn't good. This batch just didn't do it for me.

I normally like  Chemdawg crossed strains but there were just too many things that weren't on point with this strain. The flavor was bad, it smelled like yard trimmings. The effect wasn't anything near what I expected.  Chem Cage did boost my appetite but other than that it just made me sleepy.

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