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Cosmic Cookies (1g)

Strain: Cosmic Cookies

Producer: Greenwater Farms

Contributor: Akil Evans

Greenwater Farms Cosmic Cookies Review November 2019 Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary
Greenwater Farms Cosmic Cookies Review November 2019 Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary
Greenwater Farms Cosmic Cookies Review November 2019 Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary
Greenwater Farms Cosmic Cookies Review November 2019 Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary
Greenwater Farms Cosmic Cookies Review November 2019 Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary
Greenwater Farms Cosmic Cookies Review November 2019 Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary


The calyx of the nuggets appear a royal purple 100%
Fresh cucumber like scent that transforms into a musk 100%
Baked goodies that use sugar, cinnamon, and ginger. 100%
A cool sensation circulated around my temples, eyes, and ears. 100%


Ad description 0%
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Prime - Cosmic Cookies- 1 gram flower - Sativa
In my research I have discovered that the origins of Cosmic Cookies are just as mysterious as space, the final frontier. The Prime website,, does not provide any information on the strain. In the same way, the Las Vegas Releaf website describes the flower as a Sativa with THC of 26.35% and nothing else. However, Cosmic Cookies from Sweetwater Farms is described as an Indica in some instances and a Sativa in others on the Las Vegas Releaf site. In both cases Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Chem Dawg are credited with parenting the strain. On the other hand, claims that Cosmic Cookies is an Indica Dominant Hybrid born from Girl Scout Cookies and Chem’s Sister. I look forward to sampling this strain myself to learn it’s true properties.

● THC: 26.35%
● CBD: 00.00%
● CBN: 00.00%

Terpene Profile
Myrcene: 2.93mg/g inflammation reducer
Caryophyllene: 1.88mg/g immune booster
Terpinolene: 1.48mg/g sedating

Appearance 5/5
● The two massive nugs of Cosmic Cookies equal 1 full gram. The size and variety of colors observed in the flower make my smile in anticipation.
● “Beautiful”! is what I exclaim when I first open the jar the view the nuggets. The calyx of the nuggets appear a royal purple to my eyes and is the first hue to catch my eye.
● Next I noticed the scattered burnt orange pistils wrapped around nearly every groove and sprouting from the stems.
● Lastly, the verdant sugar leaves are evenly covered with a dense layer of trichomes similar to the other anatomy of the Cosmic Cookies flower.

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Aroma 5/5
● I untwist the lid of my Cosmic Cookies and the funk that is released makes me say “P.U.” in the best way. Cosmic Cookies offers an interesting blend of green and animalic tones.
● Initially, I am hit with a fresh cucumber like scent that transforms into a musk.
● Tea Tree Oil tones develop toward the conclusion of the aroma profile and amaze my nostrils. The lasting scent reminds me of homeopathic medicines.
● The aroma deserves a 5/5 not only for quality of aroma but also the rarity of the tones discovered in Cosmic Cookies.

Taste 5/5
● The Cosmic Cookies taste is just as tantalizing as the aroma and boasts a similar profile of fresh healing herbs. I have the same sensation as when I use chinese herbs to soothe my stomach aches or use essential oils like lavender or cloves in my air diffuser.
● The smoke is heavy with the flavor of gingersnap cookies and reminds me of other baked goodies that use sugar, cinnamon, and ginger.
● Cosmic Cookies has a spicy kick and leaves the taste of sugary cookies on the tongue.

Effect 5/5
● After two or three hits of Cosmic Cookies from my bowl I start to feel the cerebral effects. A cool sensation circulated around my temples, eyes, and ears.
● Not much later after the initial high I feel my energy and focus begin to increase. There is an excitement building in my chest that influences me to make it do what it does and make dreams come true.
● My mental aptitude is heightened and focusing on physical and mental tasks is easier.
● The high is accompanied with a grounding sensation that influences me to lean all the way back in my seat.

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I recommend Prime’s Cosmic Cookies to sensimillia sensei who crave an energizing euphoria from one’s high. I would share Cosmic Cookies to my close friends and any other cannabis connoisseur because of the rare flavor and aroma profile. I thoroughly enjoyed the medicinal tones that gifted me mental clarity and motivation. Medicinal patients may be able to treat symptoms like inflammation or physical discomfort may find some relief because of the myrcene and terpinolene terpenes sedating properties.

Cosmic Cookies was a dope new strain that introduced me to new flavor and aroma profiles in cannabis. The taste and smells remind me of tea tree, cumin, and other calming herbs. I was also impressed that the smoke truly tasted like cookies. Prime’s Cosmic Cookies is a must try sativa strain while visiting Las Vegas and is worth the $19.00 price.

2244 Paradise Road,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 209-2400
Hours: Daily 9AM - 12AM

I strolled past the dispensary doors of Las Vegas Releaf twice before I noticed the entrance of the dispensary that is nearly indiscernible from the neighboring Subway building. I carefully read the directions to enter the building posted on the door. I buzzed the door, waited for an audio cue, and lastly pulled on the handle of the door. I stepped inside a narrow corridor to experience piss poor customer service from the receptionist behind the glass. Thankfully I did not have to spend a lot of time with him after I displayed my driver’s license for identification. The receptionist would have benefited from a puff of Cosmic Cookies because he was abnormally unpleasant. I pray he got a chance to relax after his shift and that I don’t meet with him again. Unfortunately, the staff inside of the waiting area was just as lame. This staff member seemed more interested in his cellular device than providing a memorable experience. The waiting room was furnished with expansive comfy sofas and armchairs. 6 monitors alternated between the dispensary menu and advertisements one one wall above the largest seating. A few minutes in the waiting room passed and then the moody receptionist granted me permission to enter the dispensary retail space located around the corner and past the merchandise shop.

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Mark, my budtender, was a breath of fresh air after dealing with the previous two staff members. Mark beckoned me to his space at the counter to begin our dope discussion. In contrast, to the other Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary workers Mark had a positive attitude and was very affable. I told him of my interest to purchase the 1 gram of Cosmic Cookies and admitted I have never heard of the strain. According to Mark, Cosmic Cookies is an excellent strain for relaxation. He revealed that Prime recently improved the quality of it’s product when I mentioned I had not heard of the strain or producer before my visit to Releaf. I was impressed with Mark’s experience of the product and his cheerful disposition as I talked his ear off and asked him various questions.

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