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Critical Kush

Strain: Critical Kush

Producer: Willie's Reserve

Contributor: Keith Wagner



The buds are nice and dense 100%
Smells like deep, woodsy earth 100%
Tastes like smoking lemon juice and pine needles 80%
Body high. This is an extremely relaxing 100%
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  • Curaleaf aka Blackjack Collective Dispensary

Critical Kush is an indica strain, It was created by crossing Critical Mass and OG Kush. It is known for giving the user a very relaxing body high. Critical Kush was originally created in Amsterdam by Barney's Farm. Critical Kush usually has a high THC content. It regularly tests as high as 29%.

Appearance 5/5
Critical Kush is a beautiful cannabis strain. The buds are nice and dense. Each bud is a nice mixture of green leaves, red hair, and sparkling trichomes. Critical Kush buds are beautiful, and they were trimmed perfectly. I see why Willie chose to carry this strain. It is as pretty as cannabis gets. The buds were cured perfectly, and they are still moist. I love the look and feel of Critical Kush. They burn to a perfect ghostly white ash.

Aroma 5/5
Critical Kush is a very dank smelling strain. The aroma is distinctly different from other cannabis strains. It smells like deep, woodsy earth. The aroma is very strong. They smell like soil and pine needles. The citrus pine aroma is like therapy for my nose. The nose on this strain lingers for days. It's an extremely calming pine-like aroma mixed with a floral citrus scent. This smell would be perfect as an air freshener scent for hippies. It smells like what I imagine Willie Nelson himself smells like.

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Taste 4/5
Critical Kush is a pleasantly flavorful strain. It tastes like I am smoking lemon juice and pine needles. The flavor is very sweet and slightly spicy. The smoke is as smooth as butter. There is no burning in my throat. This flavor is similar to Lemon OG or Lemon Haze. It is a very light, crisp flavor. This is one of the best-tasting strains I have had in quite a while.

Effect 5/5
The effect of Critical Kush is all body high. This is an extremely relaxing strain that alleviates all of my aches and pains. There was no head high from at all. My body feels like jello. My legs feel like that are becoming part of my sofa. I find it daunting just to get up from the couch. I got a mean case of cottonmouth from Critical Kush, I really enjoyed the sedating effect of Critical Kush.

Product price: $15 for 1G

Critical Kush will put your motivation in critical condition. I would recommend using Critical Kush in the late evening or right before going to bed. Cannabis users looking for pain relief and quality sleep should try Critical Kush. It gave me one of the mist relaxed highs I have ever felt.

Address: 1736 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 727-3187
Hours: 9AM to 3AM 7 Days a week 

Curaleaf (aka Blackjack Collective) is a huge company, They have stores all over the United States. The Las Vegas Strip location is located in the North end of The Strip. It's just north of the Strat casino. The Curaleaf store looks like it was a Taco Bell or McDonald’s before it was transformed into a cannabis store. The store has large metal panels that have been fastened over all of the windows on the outside walls. It looks like a small jail from the outside. The inside of the facility is much more aesthetically pleasing. The walls are concrete, with slashes of green vegetation strategically placed throughout the store. I walk up to the check-in window and slide my identification and medical card across. She checks me in very fast, and I am let into the showroom. The showroom is very futuristic looking. There are display cases surrounding the room. All of the display cases have different cannabis products under them. My budtender seems to be in a bit of a rush, probably because there is a line of people slowly building behind me. I asked to smell a few of the Willie Nelson strains. My budtender suggests that I try Critical Kush.

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