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MedMen is the perfect place to land if a stoner is in the mood to meander. You know what I mean. It is for smokers who want to get stoned, but don’t really know what they want. They’re in the mood to wander up and down the dispensary aisles like they’re at Target sniffing out a sale. Or maybe they’re a tourist who’s never been to a dispensary before and they want to completely immerse themselves in the experience. In these cases, they go to MedMen.

The downside to this is that MedMen is not very efficient. There’s no printed menu, and unfortunately, all their inventory is displayed on wooden tables. Customers must flick through a slew of iPads to learn about the products on the table. So, if an individual came looking for the cheapest joint or the highest THC gram, they are in for a long search to find it. Stoners must visit each display. The roaming budtenders might be able to help if one can manage to find an available budtender to chat with




4503 Paradise Rd Suite 210-240 Las Vegas, NV, 89169, USA

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4503 Paradise Rd Suite 210-240 Las Vegas, NV, 89169, USA

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