Ebb flower

Strain: Ebb flower

Producer: [statemade]nv

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



Cube package reveals a copper color in the middle 60%
Ebb cannabis reminds of the earthy 60%
Flower’s flavor from my bowl is smokey 60%
Calming sensation that washes over body, mind 60%
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THC: 16.11%
Terpene Profile
𝛃-Myrcene: 14.9 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 11.2 mg/g
𝛅-Limonene: 09.6 mg/g

The [statemade] brand is one of four created by MedMen. Medmen created the brand with the purpose of creating a locally sourced cannabis product for its different territories that caters to different desired moods. The Ebb is “made for fluidity” and is marketed to have a high that will calm with a flavor and smell profile of mint, earth, and eucalyptus. Gorilla Glue or something similar is utilized to create ebb, according to the MedMen website.

Appearance 3/5
The light blue packaging of [statemade]ᴺᵛ Ebb corresponds with the color-coding I witness at the MedMen dispensary. The light blue color indicates that Ebb is an indica-dominant product. The horizontal splint in the cube package reveals a copper color in the middle. When I lift the top half off the box, the metallic [statemade] lid of the glass jar adds to the luxury appeal. The gram of Ebb flower is one large tight bud that reminds me of the deciduous trees emoji I often use to symbolize weed. Firstly, I noticed the chartreuse color of the prominent calyx. Next, the forest green hue of the sugar leaves and sparkle of the multitude of bronze trichomes catches my eye. The milk and cocoa-colored pistils are few and far between. I even notice some flecks of purple in the leaves of Ebb.

Aroma 3/5
Removing the bronze [statemade] jar unleashes an aroma that transports me back to the forest parks of Ohio, my native state. The smell from the ebb cannabis reminds me of the earthy, herbal, and fresh scents I may detect from a stroll through the park in the morning. The perfume from this plant is mildly sweet, and the scents give me the same sensations I receive from essential oils like lavender, clove, eucalyptus, and mint.

Taste 3/5
It takes several hits and considerable concentration for me to get a good grasp of [statemade]ᴺᵛ Ebb’s flower. My first impression of the flower’s flavor from my bowl is smokey. Initially, when I inhale, the smoke is very bitter and spicy, and this is most likely due to the 11.2 mg/g of 𝛃-caryophyllene. After the smoke begins to settle and I exhale, the taste transforms into a fruity sweetness. As I exhale, there is a hint of pine and aftertaste of spice.

Effect 3/5
The overall impression of [statemade]ᴺᵛ ebb flower’s high is peace. The effects of Ebb’s flower crept up on me over time. Chill mode was activated, and I was not in a rush to do anything. There is a calming sensation that washes over my body and mind. I do not find myself stressing over problems that I was before the smoke session. Ebb flower’s high puts me in a carefree mood where I feel down for anything.


Product price: $18.00

I would recommend [statemade]ᴺᵛ’s Ebb flower to every level of cannabis consumer because it's mild calming high. The high from Ebb may make one feel more relaxed, focused, calm, sleepy, and creative. In addition, the terpene profile has anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and analgesic properties that may counteract insomnia, pain, and withdrawal.

I have sampled the Joy, Zen, and Max [statemade]ᴺᵛ flower grams thus far. The Ebb 1g flower is the most underwhelming in taste, aroma, and effect. The muted bittersweet flavor and aroma of ebb left me wanting more after every puff of the bowl. Instead of “made for fluidity,” I would revise this product’s tagline to “made for chill.” Overall, I am impressed with MedMen’s dedication to serve locals locally grown cannabis that is easy to understand for weed newbies.

Address: 315 S. 8th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: Open Daily 10AM - Midnight

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Nevada has created the need for dispensaries. Because Las Vegas is a tourist destination and transient city, in order to be successful, a dispensary must be able to provide for every level of cannabis connoisseur and each preference. In my opinion, MedMen is one of the best dispensaries because of its service and hospitality. 

The security officer and receptionist greeted me immediately when I crossed the threshold of the red MedMen dispensary building in Downtown Las Vegas (Arts District. I had fun talking with the clerk because our conversation was not strictly business. He took notice of my transportation, a skateboard, because he is a skateboarder himself. I realized the staff was not too preoccupied this day when I entered the marketplace and saw only one other guest. 

Dealantey was the only budtender on duty when I arrived in the retail room and was already assisting the other customer. While waiting for Dealantey to be available, I began to peruse the hands-on displays. Each sample of flower on display is coded by color to indicate whether it is a sativa, hybrid, or an indica strain. There is a magnifying glass built into the test containers that offer a closer view of the flower. I can also slide a door open to touch and smell the cannabis product. Moreover, there are menus on the television monitors on the wall showcasing producer, price, and potency. When Dealantey realized the guest he was assisting would need some more time to decide, he questioned whether or not I was ready. I quickly relayed that I wanted a gram of ebb from [statemade]ᴺᵛ for $18.00.

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