Florida Lemons

Strain: Florida Lemons

Producer: Cannavative

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

FloridaLemons MedMen
FloridaLemons Cannavative
FloridaLemons Cannavative MedMen


Weed is startlingly yellow 100%
The sweet aroma 100%
The smoke is dull-tasting 60%
Calm and mellow 60%
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Price: $25
The Florida Lemons infused pre-roll by Cannavative tests at a cool 50% THC. It’s an indica strain, which means that’s perfect for people looking for a powerful body response when they smoke. Wrapped up in a thin slice of joint paper is finely ground Florida Lemons bud and 0.2g of honeycomb.

Appearance 5/5
Maybe it’s a trick of my brain because of the name, but the weed is startlingly yellow. The yellow tones in the flower, combined with the golden hue of the honeycomb, create a dazzling effect. Rip open the joint paper and spill the contents into the sunlight if you really want to appreciate the majestic colors. My eyes barely registered the greenness of the flower I was so distracted by the bright, sunshiny yellow.

Aroma 5/5
Florida Lemons. It makes you think of sun-dappled orchard and healthy, fertile fields. The aroma wafting from the preroll completes the image. My nose can detect citrus fruit notes mingled with the smell of fertilized earth. The sweet aroma disappears in the smoke. Still, the ground up cannabis and bits of honeycomb smell more tantalizing than most joints.

Taste 3/5
The delightful lemony scent noticed in the aroma doesn’t exist in the flavor. The smoke is dull-tasting. I imagine if you smoked a random weed that you found on the ground, it would taste a lot like the Florida Lemons Motivator. The flavor of the honeycomb is completely lost. I can detect a slight musky scent, but it’s underdeveloped and hard to pin down. The only reason I didn’t give the joint a lower score is because the smoke is smooth and goes down easy.

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Effect 3/5
The high produced by the Florida Lemons Motivator is calm and mellow but it’s not memorable. The expectations formed because of its lovely color and hefty THC content aren’t realized. A heavy smoker like me with a high THC tolerance will need a couple of hits to really feel the effects of this joint. I shared it with it a few friends. By the time we got down to the roach, we all wished there was more to smoke.

Smoking the Motivator pre-roll is a good way to ease yourself into concentrates. You don’t have to worry about buying a dab rig, torch, etc. The THC content is high but not deliriously so. Anyone who wants to relax should try the Florida Lemons Motivator. The high is mild enough to have broad appeal.

Cannavative’s Florida Lemons Motivator infused pre-roll delivers a pleasant high. It is not my favorite Motivator pre-roll by a long shot, but I would never turn down a puff. It’s technically an indica strain, but it feels like a hybrid. The high is mellow, relaxed. Instead of drifting to sleep or melting into the couch, I felt mildly alert.

Address: 4503 Paradise Rd suite 210-240,
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Phone number: (702) 405-8597
Hours: 12 a.m. - 12 a.m. daily

MedMen looks like a red-spattered Apple store. Instead of MacBooks and cell phones, you can find cannabis flower and product. The dispensary has an open floor plan. Customers wind their way through display cases as a budtender answers their questions and writes down their order. When it’s time to pay, the cashier will call your name. The process works because there are always a ton of budtenders on the floor. You might get stuck waiting a few minutes for the cashier, but the overall experience is pretty efficient.

The budtenders are deeply knowledgeable. This is a good thing because even experienced smokers might have a question about MedMen’s massive menu. It’s full of things that you never would be able to pick up from Johnny the basement weed dealer. Infused toothpicks, gourmet edibles, cannabis strains that test at 30% THC or higher.

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MedMen’s prices are surprisingly reasonable. I wouldn’t say that anything on the menu is “cheap”, but there’s nothing unreasonable. Locals avoid the Strip area like its infected because they don’t want to deal with “tourist” prices. MedMen doesn’t have the usual markup.

What it does have, however, is a crowd of customers. If you want to avoid getting sucked into the mass of people, order online before you show up. Then you can go straight to the counter and pick up your order. Or you can stop by at a low traffic time, like the middle of the night.

First-time customers who enter their email on MedMen’s website will receive a coupon for 10% off their purchase.

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