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Fruit Punch Gummies 10 pack

Strain: Fruit Punch Gummies 10 pack

Producer: Evergreen Organix

Contributor: Akil Evans



The snacks' texture is perfect 80%
Aroma of gelatin from Evergreen Organix 80%
Taste apple, apricot, guava, orange, papaya 100%
Felt talkative, and interested and relaxed 100%
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Fruit Punch Gummies - 10 gummies per Stack
99.55 mg THC/Container
Serving Size 1 Gummy
9.9955 mg THC/Serving

The gourmet chefs at Evergreen Organix utilize carbon dioxide extraction to infuse their in house baked gummies with cannabis before molding the candy by hand and packaging it themselves. The 100mg gummy ten packs are available in ten different flavors. Each individual gummy contains precisely 10 mg of THC. This allows consumers to accurately dose and blend flavors for a sweet cannabis candy combination.

Appearance 4/5
My Fruit Punch 10 pack Gummies from Evergreen Organix are stacked in a cylindrical package that inspires thoughts of a push-pop from an ice cream truck. The white, child-proof tube is wrapped in a red sticker providing all the relevant details. For example, allergens, ingredients, and multiple THC content warnings are printed on the label. In addition, the potency facts provided the production, testing, packaging, and best if used by dates along with cannabinoid test results.
Every one of the ten gummies is molded into the same congruent cuboid shape. The chewy candy is a red shade reminiscent of Tahitian Treat or Hawaiin Punch. A generous coating of sugar brightened the candy's hue. If it were not for the sugar, I believe the candy would be close to transparent. Finally, there is a THC warning stamped on the top of all the cannabis-infused gel snacks. The snacks' texture is perfect! Squishy, soft, bouncy to the touch with the feeling that it will dreamily dissolve on my tongue.

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Aroma 4/5
Unlike my experiences with cannabis flower products, I cannot smell anything from the circular container of gummies. Even after I unwrap the plastic and pop the childproof cap, I do not detect the scent of cannabis. However, after the lid is unhinged, I sense a blend of fruits that reminds Fruit Punch Kool-aid and many other Fruit Punch-flavored drinks. In contrast to many red-colored beverages, the Fruit Punch gummies' fruity scent seems to be from authentic sources. As an aficionado of gummy treats, I recognize the ubiquitous aroma of gelatin from Evergreen Organix gummies.

Taste 5/5
I pop one mouthwatering jiggly Fruit Punch gummy into my mouth. This spoils my tastebuds with sweetness, thanks to the layers of fructose and glucose sprinkled on the sticky candy. I roll the treat around on my tongue until all the sugar dust is gone. Eventually, the gummy naturally starts to break down and loses its smooth texture. Now it reminds me of chopped up jelly, and I can taste a variety of fruits such as apple, apricot, guava, orange, papaya, passion fruit, and pineapple.

Effect 5/5
I decided to test my tolerance for THC and only enjoy one gummy at first before consuming more to see if I could discern its effects on my body. As expected, one gummy equivalent to 10mg is not sufficient for a consumer with an average or above-average tolerance. In the next session, I decided to enjoy four gummies to equal a dose similar to 40mg of THC. 45 minutes later, and I started to detect an increase in my humor. I become excited, talkative, and interested in digital entertainment. 20 minutes after this, I become more relaxed, and ecstasy radiates throughout my body.

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Product price: $19.00

I recommend Evergreen Organix 100mg 10 pack Fruit Punch Gummies to weed warriors with a sweet tooth. This product is great for beginners because each one of the fruit punch gummies is accurately dosed at 10 mg of THC. Thus, I recommend newcomers start slow and eat one gummy then wait at least an hour until one eating another to feel the results. In the same way, the saccharine fruity flavors are absent of cannabis and won't avert finicky eaters. OG Ganja gangstas also can enjoy this product by taking five or gummies in one sitting. This product may help alleviate pain, stress, depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

I had been hunting for two weeks straight for Evergreen Organix 10 pack gummies. Before my visit to Essence recently. I had not had the opportunity to enjoy Evergreen Organix since 2018. It's rather easy to find Evergreen Organix pastries, like the brand's popular chocolate chip cookies and rice cereal treat, so it was a pleasant surprise to find three varieties of Evergreen Organix gummies at a discounted price at Essence! Even if these gummies weren't infused, I would down the whole container in one day because of amazing flavor and texture.

2307 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 978-7591
Hours: Daily 10AM - 3PM 

Essence Dispensary. I hop in the whip and am bathed in the glow of emerald green neon lights. The weather is fine, and the atmosphere is buzzing with excitement on the Las Vegas Strip. Some tourists were taking selfies, and Instagram photoshoots outside of the dispensary. There is traffic entering and departing from the business, so I quickly marched to the front door and entered with another patron. I entered the building and stood in the queue behind four other guests. There were two receptionists on duty, so I did not wait very long before I was checked in with my driver's license. Before I stepped into the merchandising space, I noticed the patient check-in and pick-up station in the lobby.

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I strolled into the next room and simultaneously began to wait in another line. There at least a dozen other customers ahead of me. Compared to my previous visits to Essence, the place was jam-packed. It was the most populated I have ever witnessed. Approximately ten budtenders were on duty at this time. A security guard and another team member were expediting the check out process by ushering guests to available patient consultants. I practiced patience for nearly ten minutes before I was paired with Yesenia for my Essence experience. Still, I was not bothered by the idle time because of the multiple LCD screens displaying the various menus with prices and THC percentages.

I informed Yesenia that I was interested in the 100mg THC Fruit Punch Gummies produced by Evergreen Organix. She quickly searched on her computer, checked the inventory, and returned with several Evergreen Organix 10 pack gummy varieties so that I could view the THC percentages myself. During our conversation, I had an epiphany about why it has been difficult for me to locate Evergreen Organix gummies in Las Vegas. Apparently, Evergreen Organix has a partnership with Essence Dispensary. That Essence is the only dispensary in my area offering Evergreen Organix's gelatinous infusions products at a low price is a result of its relationship with the Nevada producer.

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