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Strain: GG4

Producer: Green Heaven

Contributor: Akil Evans



The Grass & stems are frosty 90%
Funky green smells from the myrcene 80%
After taste of fruit 80%
High begin to take effect after the second hit 100%
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Green Heaven - GG4 - 1 gram Flower - Hybrid
THC: 26.6899%
CBG: 00.825%

Terpene Profile
Limonene: 4.742 mg/g
Myrcene: 4.578 mg/g
Caryophyllene: 5.334 mg/g

GG4 is better known as Original Glue in contemporary times. The word "glue" still remains in the strain's name because this strain's high may produce results that leave a user glued to his or her seat. In the same way, glue may refer to the stickiness of the flower's trichomes that have been known to destroy a trimmer's scissors. GG4's uplifting lineage of sativa Chocolate DIesel, sativa Chem Sis, and hybrid Sour Dubb cause me to expect chemical and sour tones with a creative mood while smoking. This strain won the 2014 Los Angeles first prize for best hybrid from Standard Seeds, 2014 Michigan first place prize for best hybrid from Herbal Solutions, and the 2015 High Times Jamaican World Cannabis Cup first prize for best hybrid flower.

Appearance 4.5/5
The grass is frosty because the trichomes are dazzling and covering every different piece of anatomy on the flower. The stems are frosty! The pistols appear and orange-red. It's very light green because of the trichomes. But the emerald green is visible on the sugar leaves and the pine green on the calyx. Maybe my full gram of GG#4 was a complete nugget of cannabis at on point. But by the time I extracted the flower, it was two nugs. ¾ of the gram was in one piece, and the other was about ¼ of the flower. The tight Ziploc style packaging of GG#4 smashed the otherwise beautiful nug, and I'm salty about it.

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Aroma 4/5
My nostrils inhale and detect funky green smells from the myrcene.
I unzip the oppressive packaging, and chemical smells waft from the bag. The aroma of Green Heaven's GG4 reminds me of the Dial brand gold bar of antibacterial soap. I can also smell fuel or gasoline.
The scent is reminiscent of the carbon monoxide builds in the air after one leaves the car running.
There are fruitful tones, including grapes and mangoes, in GG4's aroma as well.

Taste 4/5
The first hit from my bowl packed with GG4 delivers tart smoke with an after taste of fruit.
I inhaled a second time and concentrated the smoke on my tastebuds. Once the smoke gathers in the chamber of my mouth, I can taste the spiciness and bitterness of the terpene, beta-caryophyllene.
GG4 confuses my taste buds because the taste is not refreshing, but it somehow gives the feeling of soothing my throat when I inhale the smoke.

Effect 5/5
I feel the high begin to take effect after the second hit. Almost immediately, I feel relaxed and happy.
The high delivers a similar tingly physical effect in the feet that one may experience when consuming edibles.
I feel myself become more sociable and mentally stimulated. This is the type of high I call stoned. In which I almost feel stuck in time while at the same time, move to the rhythm of the world with perfect timing. My body vibrates at a higher frequency, and I become the one that becomes one with the universe.

Product price: $14.00

Green Heaven's GG4 is not for beginner cannabis smokers because of the powerful effects to the brain may be overwhelming when coupled to the lesser but still noticeable physical stimulation. Still, experienced cannabis connoisseurs with a high threshold for THC will relish this award-winning strain's sticky appearance, gaseous aroma, and complex taste, and awesome hybrid high. Perhaps one may use this strain to repel bad moods, laziness, writer's block, social anxiety, or boredom.
GG4, also known as the Original Glue, from Green Heaven, left a great impression on all five of my senses. Yet, it won a perfect mark from in the high category because of the uplifting high that still allows me to chill out and even sleep if I so desire. I ranked the high's effect before I researched the strain's accolades, and now I agree with the High Time judges that Original Glue is one of the best hybrid strains i've enjoyed in my cannabis career. Green Heaven's GG4 is worth the trip to a Las Vegas MedMen dispensary!

823 S. 3rd Street,
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: Daily 10AM - Midnight

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Traffic was crazy on this late Wednesday afternoon as I made my way towards MedMen in the Las Vegas Arts District. Furthermore, the construction around the block had resulted in the 3rd street area around my destination to become a one-way street. It took about 5 more minutes than usual to arrive at MedMen. In other words, the duration of my commute was doubled. Despite the obstacles on the route, I was thankful to find free parking available on Hoover Street.

Buzzing the intercom on the entrance granted me access to the MedMen lobby. I was greeted by a serious security guard and a regal receptionist. Nevada State law requirements force me to display my driver's license before I can enter the dispensary. After the identification protocol, I opened the door to be greeted by Thomas, the budtender, and another security guard in the retail room. Today was rather busy at MedMen. There were about six budtenders and eight guests during my visit. The ATM is a device I have been trying to avoid at dispensaries because of the exorbitant fees. Still, I appreciate the convenience of access to money. It should be noted that MedMen also has the capability to accept credit and debit cards. After I was done taking in the sights. Thomas approached me with a smile, and wholeheartedly asked what I was looking for in order to help me out.

When Thomas finished assisting me in selecting my purchases, I pathed towards the counter to check out. On my way, I perused the collection near where I purchased my products on my last visits. Christina, a MedMen budtender I often consult, asked me if I enjoyed her recommendations from last week's visit. I was glad to tell her that her suggestions were dank and full of flavor. That's when she asked me If I saw Green Heaven's GG#4. She just clocked off from work but decided to return to buy a gram of said flower. That was enough for me to purchase a gram of GG4 because of my trust in Christina's judgment. In addition, the Strawberry Banana gram of flower I tested last week was delicious.


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