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Gorilla Glue #4

Strain: Gorilla Glue #4 - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Producer: Willie's Reserve

Contributor: Steve Kushkowski



Each bud is covered with a heavy helping of trichomes and red hairs 80%
It's a rich chocolate aroma with coffee and fuel undertones 100%
Sweet flavor that has a hint of chocolate, vanilla, and fuel 100%
It's a heavy indica high with a light head high 100%


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Product price: $15 for 1G

Gorilla Glue, aka The Original Glue, is an indica-dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Chems Sister. Gorilla Glue has won several cannabis cups, and it has become very popular in the cannabis industry. It gets its name from the glued to the couch feeling it gives users.

Appearance 4/5
The buds in this batch of Gorilla Glue are much smaller than other times I have had it. Each bud is covered with a heavy helping of trichomes and red hairs. The buds were trimmed perfectly. They are slightly dry, but they don't crumble when they are handled. The buds are a medium shade of green, and they feel like they were dipped in glue. They are very sticky. I would have given this batch a five if the buds weren't so small.

Aroma 5/5
I have always loved the milk-chocolatey aroma of Gorilla Glue since the first time I smelled it. It's a rich chocolate aroma with coffee and fuel undertones. Gorilla Glue smells like someone melted a few Hershey's chocolate bars and mixed them in coffee and gasoline. The smell is quite unique. This would be a great scent for lotion or body spray. It got just the right amount of sweetness mixed with coffee fuel.

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Taste 5/5
The flavor of Gorilla Glue is very candy-like. It's a sweet flavor that has a hint of chocolate, vanilla, and fuel. Gorilla Glue tastes exactly like it smells. The flavor is heavenly. It tastes like dark chocolate and rich caramel coffee. It's a very mocha-like flavor. The smoke is very easy on my lungs. The flavor is truly unique. It's on a level of its own. It tastes like no other strain I have ever had.

Effect 5/5
Gorilla Glue gives me a buzz similar to Chocolate Thai. It's a heavy indica high with a light head high. My mind is clear and focused without racing thoughts. Gorilla Glue does wonders for my back pain. It gives me a really nice body buzz feeling. My mood is elevated, and I notice I am laughing at everything, even things that aren't funny. Gorilla Glue gives me a nice euphoric buzz. Gorilla Glue is great for pain relief and/or relaxation.

I enjoy using Gorilla Glue during the day. I would suggest new cannabis users try Gorilla Glue in the evening or at night because it can give the user a drowsy feeling. Cannabis users who are looking for very flavorful strains need to try Gorilla Glue if they haven't yet. It tastes great, and the body high is very strong.

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Curaleaf (aka Blackjack Collective)

It's confusing because there is a giant neon sign outside that says "Curaleaf," but there is a neon sign in the store that says "Blackjack Collective." I asked why and was that Blackjack Collective is a Curaleaf store. The lobby is very clean, and the lady at the front desk was kind enough to answer my questions. The showroom isn't very big, but the selection of products is huge. They have really packed a lot into a small area. I waited about 10 minutes before being called to the counter by my budtender. He was very friendly and gave me a lot of information about the different terpenes of each strain I looked at. He was kind enough to take his time with me since I wanted to browse for a while before deciding what products I want to purchase, Luckily there was no one waiting in line, so I was able to browse without feeling guilty. Curaleaf has a huge amount of strains available. They have all the strains in clear plastic jars with air holes at the top so customers can smell the strains. I like that they have everything well lit so I can see the buds very easily. I decided on Willie's Reserve Gorilla Glue #4. It is also called The Original Glue.

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