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Grape Sorbet

Strain: Grape Sorbet

Producer: NLVO

Contributor: Steve Kushkowski



It's an average looking preroll 60%
Smells like berry and roses 80%
It's spicy, earthy, and sweet all at once 80%
The effect was cerebral 80%


Ad description 0%
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Grape Sorbet is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Its parents are Blue Satellite and Cinderella 99. Everything I found online says that Grape Sorbet has an amazing smell and taste. It is said to be one of the tastiest flavors of cannabis on the market. Grape Sorbet is a great strain for novice cannabis consumers because it averages a lower THC percentage.

Appearance 3/5
The plant material from the preroll looks like green sawdust from some mad scientist's failed creation. I expected to see purple speckles mixed throughout the green dust, but it doesn't have any. Given the name, this is a surprise. I do notice a few small stems in the plant material, which tells me this was probably rolled from trim. That's what was expected since this preroll was on $5. It' an average looking preroll.

Aroma 4/5
The aroma of Grape Sorbet is very floral. It smells like berry and roses. It's a surprisingly sweet scent that hangs in the air. The scent reminds me of fermenting berries and flowers. It smells similar to Grape Ape but way more floral. There are hints of grape and vanilla mixed with spices. I was shocked at how strong the aroma was.

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Taste 4/5
The flavor of Grape Sorbet is tart. It makes me pucker up after each hit. The flavor is like Dr. Pepper with grape and vanilla mixed in. It's got hints of blueberry on the inhale and more of a vanilla spice flavor on the exhale. The smoke slightly burns my throat. The preroll didn't burn very well. I love the flavor of this strain because it reminds me of Grape Ape. It's spicy, earthy, and sweet all at once.

Effect 4/5
The effect was cerebral. There was a slight body high that helped me relax. The head high boosted my creativity and mood. My mouth was very dry. The head high helped me open my mind and focus. It was slightly euphoric. Grape Sorbet did make me hungrier than usual, but it wasn't an incurable case of the munchies. It wasn't an overwhelming body high, so I was able to function without being drowsy.

Product price: $5 for 1G pre roll

I would recommend using Grape Sorbet as a wake and bake strain. It gives just the right amount of energy without anxiety or panic. The slight body high is good for users who need pain relief but need to function. Users that are looking to slightly boost their appetite will love the effects of Grape Sorbet.

1800 S Industrial Rd #180,
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: 702-420-2405
Hours: Open 24 hours 

Oasis Cannabis Dispensary is located in the industrial district to the east of The Strat Casino Hotel. The entrance is in the back of the building. There are only a few parking places, so it might be best to Uber there or park in front of the building and walk around. The front office is very quiet. There is a sign by the check-in area that has daily specials. Today, Oasis is offering three different 1G prerolls for only $5 each. Where else can you get a gram that's already rolled up for $5? That is a real bargain. Stoners that are on a budget can scrape up the change that fell between the couch cushions and come get a preroll. My budtender is very attentive. He let me browse for about five minutes before asking if I needed help. The budtenders are doing their best to get people out the door quickly. Still, they only have two cashiers, so there are a lot of customers waiting to pay and get their products. I was told that they will have more registers soon, this won't be a problem much longer. The budtender knows they are facing an uphill battle, and they are still friendly. They let customers take their time to select products instead of rushing everyone though the process. After waiting only about five minutes, I paid and was on my way home to try the cannabis I just selected.

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