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Hardcore OG

Strain: Hardcore OG

Producer: BaM

Contributor: Missy Matheny

BaM Hardcore OG Review December 2019 Kanna Reno Dispensary
BaM Hardcore OG Review December 2019 Kanna Reno Dispensary
BaM Hardcore OG Review December 2019 Kanna Reno Dispensary
BaM Hardcore OG Review December 2019 Kanna Reno Dispensary


Nice and crispy 100%
Lovely fragrance 100%
Good balance of sweet and spice 90%
Felt creative, focused feeling pretty 100%


Ad description 0%
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Hardcore OG 26.11% THC

Hardcore OG has the name Hardcore because of its high levels of THC. A cross between DJ Short Blueberry and Big Bud, this strain originated in California. Hardcore OG is used commonly to make very powerful concentrates as the buds are often coated in resin, and this can be extracted to make high THC level concentrates. I’ll be playing it safe and trying the flowers here.

Appearance 5/5
The buds I received were quite large, with the ones I received each being about the size of a fifty-cent piece. For a hardcore indica strain, I was completely surprised. Spring green in color, with long orange hairs poking out of every angle of the buds, and completely coated in a layer of crystals. The crystals are thicker than a dusting, but not thick enough to distort the color of the bud or the orange hairs that were everywhere on these nugs. The buds were light and fluffy, with the outer layer being nice and crispy. They broke apart easily, leaving a bit of resin on my fingers.

Aroma 5/5
I removed the lid on the container, and I was greeted by a strong but very pleasant aroma of tea and honey. The fragrance is slightly sweet, with a deeper smell of spice. Like smelling freshly brewed chamomile with a little honey used to sweeten it. Once burned, the aroma became more intense, and the lovely fragrance easily filled the room I was in, but it was more spice in fragrance than honey.

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Taste 5/5
The flavor of the buds was even more like honey than the aroma hinted at. I did find this strain to be slightly harsh, and I could feel it tickle my throat with each hit. Not enough to make me cough, just enough for me to notice really. Otherwise, it was a good balance of sweet and spice. The sweet taste probably helps with the harshness the spice gives. Blended, they were quite lovely.

Effect 5/5
I felt the effects within a couple hits. I felt it in my head first. I expected the sleepiness of an indica strain; instead, I felt creative, focused, and ready to pursue something. My muscles relaxed immensely, but not in a lethargic sense. The tension in my body dissipated within minutes. The effects seemed to last a while, as I was still feeling pretty good after a couple hours. Not as intense as I expected for the THC level. It was still potent though, I felt pretty high, just not sleepy.

I feel this is a good strain for veteran users. I caution newer users to take it slow with this strain, it is powerful, and a couple hits are all that’s needed. Hardcore OG is good for relaxation, anxiety, pain, and I found it good for focus and sparking a little creativity.

Bright fluffy and crispy buds, covered in crystals, with a strong fragrance of tea and honey. It has a strong flavor of honey and spice, with a touch of harshness lessened by the honey taste. Powerful effects, although not the sleepy indica feeling I was expecting. The effects were long-lasting and lightened up very slowly. I loved this strain. It was almost the opposite of what I was expecting in a strong indica, with the larger bud sizes and the effects not making me melt into my couch. It was still very potent, and I felt pretty good for quite a while.

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5398 Sun Valley Blvd,
Sun Valley, Nevada 89433
Phone number: (775) 674-0420
Hours: 8am-10pm Sunday-Saturday 

Kanna Reno Dispensary

Kanna is a smaller dispensary serving the North Valleys in the Reno area. Located on the main road of Sun Valley, it’s easy to find, just down the street from the Scolari’s shopping center. They have their own parking lot, with a decent amount of space, although I could see it being packed during peak times.
The building is set up as a medical dispensary. A receptionist greets the customers as they walk in the door, checks ID on everyone coming in, and then the customer waits to be called into the back where the budtenders are. I happened to arrive when they weren’t very busy, with only two people in front of me.
The actual store area is quite large, with displays of the products available on every wall. The staff was very friendly, professional, and helpful. My budtender narrowed down what I was looking for and brought me to the displays of the bud he recommended. I made my selections, and I was taken to a counter where I paid for and received my product. From the first person I saw, to the budtender that helped me with my selections, and the final person who processed the transaction, everyone smiled and made small talk. It felt like a more personal experience than I get with some of the larger dispensaries in the area. They also have a discount program for people with local ID. 10% doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up quickly.

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