Here’s How To Make Awesome THC-Infused Baked Beans

Here's How To Make Awesome THC-Infused Baked Beans
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Here's How To Make Awesome THC-Infused Baked Beans
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THC-Infused Baked Beans

Author: KC Scannell
Prep Time3 hours
Cook Time10 hours
Course: Main Course
Keyword: Beans, Cannabis, THC


You’ll need:

  • 4 Cans Large White (or Great Northern) Beans
  • 3-4 Tablespoons Cannabis-Infused Canola Oil
  • 1 Onion (Chopped)
  • 1 Cup Cooked Pork (Shredded or Chunks)
  • 1 Jalapeno (Minced)
  • Cup BBQ Sauce
  • Cup Ketchup
  • Cup Brown Sugar
During these frigid winter months, we’re always looking for a way to stay warm and cozy. Some opt for a little peace and quiet while enjoying a nice, warm bath. Others like pouring themselves a little brandy, and snuggling up near an open fire. But, for me, I think I find the most warmth through some hearty comfort food during this time of year.
One of the more interesting aspects of comfort food is it’s completely relative. Perhaps, a person finds scrumptious solace in dishes that are of a sweeter variety. That could conjure up some memory within the depths of their subconscious that makes them feel right at home. Which is totally understandable. But, if I had to venture a guess, I’d say that the majority of people head for more savory dishes when posed with the task of finding some true comfort food.
Step-By-Step Recipe For THC-Infused Baked Beans
But, there really is no wrong answer here. If a particular food gives you comfort, that’s all that matters. I, for one, appreciate a warm, meat-centric meal when I’m looking for some culinary comfort. Things that require a “low and slow” approach to cooking. That way, not only can I eagerly anticipate dinner throughout the day, but I’ll be able to enjoy all the burgeoning smells of deliciousness that will slowly percolate through whatever slow cooker I have resting on the kitchen counter at the time.
Pot roasts, turkeys, hell, even ribs can get an honorable mention here. Foods of this nature never fail to hit the spot, whilst warming the body and soul. But there is one meaty interpretation that I find to be the epitome of divine dining, especially on a cold winter night. And that dish, my friends, is none other than the wildly popular: baked beans.
Baked beans are awesome! They deliver a savory meat spectrum of flavors, and they always satisfy the senses with their intoxicating smell and taste. Plus, with all those beans, your daily fiber intake is more than taken care of. And there’s nothing wrong with comfort food that can help keep you “regular,” if you know what I mean.
To be honest, there really is no way to improve this already impeccable recipe. It’s easy and reliable, so why even mess with it. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as they say. But, I think I’m prepared to take on the impossible task of improving this incredible dish. And the main ingredient that’s going to take these baked beans to the next level is everybody’s favorite herb, cannabis.
But, before I launch into a super simple recipe for THC-Infused Baked Beans, we need to address something. The main marijuana ingredient that will be utilized in this recipe is cannabis-infused cooking oil.
If you live near a decently stocked dispensary, I suggest heading on over there to see what they have, as far as cannabis cooking aides are concerned. Nowadays, most places have a few of these items to choose from, and if your local cannabis club has one that suits you, feel free to pick it up and head on home.
But, to be fair, these sorts of THC cooking aides can’t be found everywhere, I’m afraid. And if none of your neighborhood pot shops carry these kinds of products, don’t worry. I am more than happy to teach you how to make your very own cannabis-infused cooking oil in the comfort of your own kitchen. However, it should be noted that much like the baked beans you’ll be whipping up soon, cannabis-infused cooking oil takes a handful of hours to complete.
The process itself is incredibly simple, but it does require a rather lengthy amount of time. So, if you’ve got an open schedule, you’ll be able to take on this simplistic recipe without any issues whatsoever.
So, in order to make some cannabis-infused cooking oil, you’ll need to procure yourself a cup of cooking oil, in this case, let’s use canola oil. Olive and coconut oil work just as well. But, personally, I find that canola oil in dishes like baked beans really brings out the flavors of the ingredients. Again, it’s totally up to you.
In addition to that cup of canola oil, you’ll need to get a cup’s worth of ground-up cannabis flower. Don’t be too fine with your grinding, however. That will only result in sediment-filled cooking oil, and that’s not exactly what we’re going for. But, once you’ve got those two cups filled and ready to go, you’ll want to place a large saucepan on medium heat, at nothing higher than 245°F.
In the saucepan, pour in your oil, then your cannabis flower. Gently stir the mixture every 20 minutes or so, but you’ll want these two ingredients to simmer for a total of two to three hours. This should allow the activated THC from the flowers to bind to the oil that it’s simmering with.
When that time period has elapsed, remove the saucepan from the heat source, and place it to the side for the moment, while you prepare a bottle for storing.
Secure a cheesecloth over the opening of the bottle, and slowly pour in your activated oil. You’ll need to fight the urge to squeeze the cheesecloth, however, as doing so will be counterintuitive to your goal of separating the floral particles from the oil. Just let gravity do the work in this case. Allow the oil to naturally drain itself into the bottle below, and then you can discard the cheesecloth full of flower into the trash.
And – boom – that’s how you make cannabis-infused cooking oil.
Now that you’ve got that in order let’s get into the list of necessary ingredients needed in order to make this killer batch of THC-Infused Baked Beans.


Okay, let’s do this!

  • In your most-trusted crockpot, dump in all of your ingredients. Yup. You read that right. Put everything from that ingredients list in that crockpot of yours, and stir, stir, stir. Don’t stop stirring until all of those wonderful ingredients are expertly blended in with one another.
  • Then, when you turn on the heat, make sure the setting stays on “Low.” Anything higher, and the cannabis would be rendered potent-less. And that’s the last thing we want with this recipe. So, much like you would for cannabis cooking oil (or butter), a “low and slow” approach is the only way to go.
  • At this point, I’d suggest finding something to do for the next 8-10 hours, because that’s how long you’ll want to let this baby cook. Also, much like the cannabis cooking oil recipe, you should be sure to stir the contents periodically throughout. I’d say aim for every 45 minutes or so. This will help evenly disperse the flavors and potency into every square inch of this mixture.
  • You’ll know the beans are ready to go when everything has a mouthwatering thickness to it.
  • When you’re happy with its appearance, smell, and consistency, grab a bowl, a fork, and prepare to “take off” because, not only are these THC-Infused Baked Beans delicious, but they’ll get you incredibly high with delectable ease.
  • Enjoy!

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