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Strain: Herojuana THC: 24% CBD: 0% CBN: 0%

Producer: Acres

Contributor: C. Imani Williams



Dark green nugs with brownish orange hairs 100%
Pungent with flowery undertones 80%
Pungent with flowery undertones 60%
Nice head high, followed by body relaxation, and good sleep 100%
Helps with
Insomnia, fatigue, muscle spasm, body pain, chronic pain


May Cause
Dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety
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Appearance 5/5
Dark green nugs with brownish orange hairs.
Herojuana nugs are dense, a darker green with brownish orange hairs. Break it up and prepare for sticky fingers. The aroma and flavor were both pungent with flowery undertones, that may derive from the sativa influence. That indica side is hard-hitting, too. Shout out to both Humboldt and Kentucky for this mind-blowing strain.

Flavor 4/5
Pungent with flowery undertones.
Flowery but not too sweet. It reminded me of a pretty edible rose with green very close by.         

Aroma 3/5

Pungent with flowery undertones.
The mix reminded me of the aroma of a flower garden. I imagine a couple sharing conversation and a nice bowl as the sun peeks his head out from behind a fleeting cloud.

Effects 5/5
Nice head high, followed by body relaxation, and good sleep.
Don’t play with Herojuana. Consume when a user can devote between five and seven solid hour for restful sleep.

Herojuana packs an amazing punch. The strain has deep roots. It’s a cross between an Afghani strain out of Humboldt County (so you know its fire!), and a sativa grown in Kentucky. At 24% THC, I expected decent. What I got was better. Herojuana has sativa which gives you a head high. It also relaxes your body and works well for insomniacs. It certainly helped my back muscles to relax. Herojuana puts you in the couch, unapologetically. Within an hour I was done, I had to close my eyes.

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Herojuana has impressive terpene levels. B - Caryophyllene 10. 2 mg, Myrcene 7.2 mg, Ocimene 4.7 mg worked wonders for me. I’m going to make it one of my top 10 for pain and insomnia.

The B -Caryophyllene 10.2 mg, chilled my anxiety out and the Myrcene certainly helped with the pain at 7.2 mg. Ocimene works as an antibacterial and decongestant. With the dry Vegas weather doing the most as temperatures climb, any relief on my sinus passages is welcome.

Helps With – Insomnia, fatigue, muscle spasm, body pain, chronic pain

May Cause – dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety.

I ran into an issue with an overcharge of tax. The receipt wasn’t in the bag, so I talked with the receptionists before exiting Acres completely. He obtained a receipt and returned with $15. That helped make up for the mistake. I know it would have been a hassle if I had left and returned sans receipt with my concerns.

I appreciate good customer service, and I’m glad it all worked out.

People are human and mistakes happen. People want to shop with good vibes. I respect that, and the space. Smoke and chill.


Petrolia Headstash - Indica, and Killer Haven, a mystery Sativa.


Sign up for Acre’s text message deals. They can save you cash, and they always have something going. Talk with your budtender, too.  Do your best to catch an ounce special. Acres has nice deals with nice strains and products.

Sometimes it is hit or miss on dispensary specials. This time they had a 420 special, a text message came announcing $5 grams. I made it over to the dispensary after work, with hopes they hadn’t run out.  The $5-gram special was worth checking out and I left satisfied with Herojuana and some edibles.

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Check out Acres for dispensary needs and for great cannabis culture. The community feel is strong. You can support local growers and artists when you shop at Acres. Those with chronic pain or insomnia should give Herojuana a try. It was an impressive strain that I will look for again.  

2320 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: (702) 399-4200
Hours: 24 - Always open  

Acres Dispensary
Acres is one of the most artistically laid out museums in Las Vegas. Part dispensary, part farmer’s market, part kitchen facility, and part community art are all features that make Acres a different kind of dispensary visit. Acres dispensary offers an Artist Market (Acres Underground) on weekends with local growers and artisans on hand to chat with customers about locally grown/made products.

Check out the art displayed throughout the facility. You’ll find cannabis culture and history in photos and posters that showcase Cannabis Prohibition, warnings galore, and the strides made with legalization and decriminalization. Learn about the arts industry and the influence jazz had on cannabis culture.

Stop by the open kitchen and watch edibles being made through glass windows. It’s quite a process and I love that Acres makes all this available for free. I must have visited four times before taking the time to take in all the art, and on-site edible treat making that takes place on the premises.

Guests can expect a wide range of choices for Cannabis, CBD/Hemp, flower, oils, and edibles. Acres carries quite a few options for edibles with various pricing and size options. They keep a ready supply on hand.

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Acres is also a 24-hour establishment which is great for a wake and bake session at any hour.

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