May 20, 2019 by Sierra Roberts

SF Five Alive


The SF Five Alive is a stinky strain that’s for sure but it also has some mossy earth like undertones the longer one breathes in...

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Green Cannabis Plant

What It Can Do For You

Medical Marijuana 101

Although today the use of marijuana for medical purposes is legal in more than half of the U.S., the debate over its use continues.  Whether in favor or against it, most people hold strong opinions about its use.  

Stoner Road Sign

Central Valley Cannabis Cup Trophies

Time to travel, stoners. Destination? Clio, Michigan.  It’s almost time for the 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup. Interested in a cannabis-infused mocktail known as “skinny” weed that reduces your cravings when smoked?

Money cannabis

How to Get High When You’re Broke

You’re broke. But you want to get stoned. Here’s the good news- weed is legal and you’re in Las Vegas! You have options. You are no longer forced to wrangle with an exasperated dealer for a $5 sack if you want to get stoned.

THC infused Breath Strips, getting high while flying under the radar.

Remember those Listerine strips that were so popular back in the day? They are back, but now infused with both THC and CBD.

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Instead of putting the strips on your tongue, you are supposed to put these THC infused strips under your tongue and it will instantly dissolve.

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Inferno OG

Inferno OG

Inferno is a dark weed, especially when it’s ground up. The buds are extremely dense and snaked through with small orange hairs. The deep green color of the flower overwhelms everything else. When you look at the weed out…

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