How Can CBD Help the Elderly With Heart Disease?

Contributor: Mark Bishop

Heart disease is a common issue in the elderly, especially after a lifetime of hard work and poor eating. While medicine is essential to prevent heart attacks and other problems with heart disease, are there additional treatments that can alleviate symptoms? 

Many alternative products and exercises may reduce the risk of heart disease and the surrounding symptoms. Even those who can’t exercise vigorously can practice yoga breathing, take supplements, and even use CBD oil. 

Although not officially sanctioned by many doctors, CBD oil has more benefits than might be imagined. It will not prevent heart disease or cure it, but CBD can alleviate many symptoms and help the patient become healthier and stronger. 

Several Ways CBD Oil Might Help With Heart Disease

Heart disease is a challenging condition to fight in the elderly. Vigorous exercise isn’t permitted and dietary options are limited in many cases. The usual routes for dealing with heart disease effectively can be a little stifled. However, a supplement such as CBD might help with several symptoms. 

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is grown as part of the marijuana plant. However, it is different from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which creates psychoactive effects and makes you feel high. CBD keeps the body at an even keel and also works for chronic pain. 

While CBD isn’t a cure-all, it will alleviate some of the illnesses that are worse due to heart disease. It makes living with heart disease easier, especially for older folks. CBD can also help with some of the common symptoms associated with heart disease. 

CBD Can Aid Weight Loss

Obesity and weight gain add to the risk of heart disease. The more excess fat a body has, the more likely it affects the heart’s functioning. Those with confirmed heart disease should be especially careful about weight gain. 

CBD works to convert more of the fat cells into brown fat cells, which burn more easily. While it doesn’t burn cells on its own, the oils make it easier to lose weight with proper exercise and diet. 

It’s important to know that users shouldn’t rely on CBD as a weight loss supplement, and eating healthy is essential for the elderly and anyone with heart disease. CBD on its own will not do all the work necessary for effective weight loss and healthy body weight retention.

CBD Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure reduces the heart’s ability to pump blood through the body effectively. An older individual with dangerously high blood pressure could be at very high risk of heart failure and death. Lowering the blood pressure is a crucial part of heart disease treatment. 

CBD relaxes the body, which naturally lowers blood pressure and makes the heart’s work easier. It is not a permanent solution, but daily doses of the supplement can help if the patient struggles with consistently high blood pressure. Users must always ask a doctor first, as it may interfere with traditional medicine. 

CBD Is Anti-Inflammatory

One of the main reasons CBD oil gets used for chronic pain is that it’s naturally anti-inflammatory. By targeting the nerve sensors and fighting inflammation wherever it finds it, cannabis oil has become remarkably popular with those suffering from chronic illness and arthritis. 

The anti-inflammatory properties affect heart disease by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels. This process makes it easier for the heart to pump blood and the arteries to pass blood throughout the body. 

CBD’s work against excessive inflammation is one of its primary uses in medicine. Inflammation causes many chronic illnesses and worsens others, including heart disease. Even though it won’t cure the disease, lowering the inflammation can reduce many other symptoms. 

CBD Lessens Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol is not ideal for anyone, but especially not good for those diagnosed with heart disease. Cholesterol, especially “bad” cholesterol, builds up and causes blockages within the arteries. Heart disease eventually leads to heart attacks. 

CBD doesn’t lessen cholesterol levels on its own and won’t negate the amount of cholesterol eaten. Dietary restrictions and cholesterol medications are still vital for patients with heart disease and high cholesterol. However, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD will lower the risk of cholesterol and lipids build-up in the arteries.  

CBD Is Considered Safe

There are very few side effects found with CBD users in addition to all of these benefits. Most users feel relaxed and sleepy as their body adjusts to the cannabis. However, there are usually no adverse side effects from using CBD oil regularly. 

The most significant side effect of CBD is its effect on the liver. Most people with heart disease are already taking medication, and CBD can affect how the liver metabolizes meds. 

Users on other medications must always check with a medical professional for advice on whether they should take CBD or if there’s a good time of the day to take it. Oils and supplements are the best way to get CBD into the body, as vaping is considered dangerous for those with heart disease. 

Note: CBD Is Not a Replacement for Heart Medicine

Even with all of these benefits, CBD does not address the primary cause of heart disease. While it can be a supplement to a healthy diet and exercise regimen, it does not replace any prescribed medicine for heart disease. 

Every person’s individual health needs are different, and it’s vital to take the best care of one’s own body. 

CBD oil is an excellent way to prevent a few factors that lead to heart disease or worsen the condition. It won’t solve an existing case of heart disease and could cause indirect harm if an individual decides to stop taking medicine because of CBD. Always consult a medical professional and use caution. 

Final Thoughts

Anyone who has been diagnosed with heart disease and wants to try CBD oil or supplements should talk to a doctor. The substance affects everyone differently but could be an excellent way to reduce symptoms and make the patient more comfortable.

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