How many CBD gummies should I eat?

Contributor: Bill Simpson

                Finding the right dosage has always been an issue with medicinal hemp products. These items have such a wholesome impact on our bodies that it’s really hard to find the optimal quantity for a specific wellness benefit. Things get even more complicated when you consider personal metabolic factors. That being said, how many CBD gummies should you eat?

                Well, it’s complicated. In most cases, dosing comes down to the process of trial and error. Stores such as Hemp Shop Express have a wide variety of CBD gummies, and you can easily find the right dosage for your particular issue. Luckily, these products come in various strengths. Furthermore, some CBD marketing agencies are constantly innovating, so there will always be an influx of new and interesting products.

                In this article, we will answer the common question: “How many CBD gummies should I eat?” Check it out!

What affects the dosage?

In order to determine how many gummies you should eat, it is important to learn a thing or two about CBD dosing.

First off, the strength of a product is determined in milligrams. Most people will use somewhere between 15 to 25 milligrams of CBD per administration. Of course, the quantity may increase if you’re taking gummies several times a day.

The great thing about CBD is that this substance is generally regarded as safe. If you do encounter side effects, they will be minor and easy to control. As a result, it isn’t a big issue even if you take too much cannabidiol during a day. Even if you took the substance in larger quantities, CBD is non-toxic, and you shouldn’t experience any damage or complications.

Every gummy has a certain amount of CBD in it. They usually have 5 or 10mg making them really easy to administer. The only issue is if your optimal dosage is uneven and you have to split the gummy (for example, you need 25mg CBD, and the gummies are 10mg). However, if you have experience with these products, it will be much easier to buy a product of certain strength in advance.

Here are the things you need to consider when determining CBD gummy dosage:

  • Body weight
  • A specific benefit that you wish to experience
  • A specific bodily function that you wish to improve
  • Personal and metabolic factors

Although this might seem a bit overwhelming, the ideal starting point would be your weight. Lighter individuals will need a smaller quantity of CBD and vice versa.

What are the potential issues if I take too much CBD?

Generally speaking, CBD is unlikely to cause side effects. Furthermore, its “side effects” are often connected to the benefits. The substance has strong sedative properties, which would relax your body and mind. As a result, it might make you drowsy.

                These effects might become stronger as you take more gummies. For example, you might feel drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, change in appetite, and blood pressure. None of these issues are alarming and should stop as soon as the substance goes through your body.

                Increased dosage may worsen these problems. However, they shouldn’t become unbearable. If you experience an extreme reaction, make sure to visit a medical practitioner immediately.

Will I experience psychoactive effects from too many CBD gummies?

Nowadays, hemp products are strictly regulated by the US government. All CBD gummies within the Hemp Shop Express are tested for quality on a constant basis. Any substance that has more than 0.3% THC (psychoactive substance) will be categorized as a marijuana product instead of a hemp substance. So, as long as the label reads “hemp-based,” you should be fine.

                Keep in mind that most hemp products will still have some THC. The threshold is 0.3% THC content, which isn’t enough to get you high. Even if you administered the product several times a day, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. The only potential way you get experience psychoactive effects from CBD gummies is if you took extreme quantities in a relatively short amount of time.

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