How To Make Cheesy Bacon Potatoes Infused With Cannabis

How To Make Cheesy Bacon Potatoes Infused With Cannabis
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How To Make Cheesy Bacon Potatoes Infused With Cannabis
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Cheesy Bacon Potatoes Infused With Cannabis

Author: KC Scannell
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  • 5 Thinly Sliced Idaho Potatoes
  • 4 Tablespoons of Cannabis-Infused Butter
  • 2 Thinly Sliced Onions
  • 1 Pound of Delicious Delicious Bacon
  • ½ Pound of Grated Cheddar
  • 1 Teaspoon of Salt
  • ½ Teaspoon of Chili Powder
  • ½ Teaspoon of Black Pepper
I think it's safe to say
that, in American cuisine, we try to use our beloved potato as much as we can.
Now, sure, these are just little carb bombs, but who can refuse a well-prepared
potato dish? Not many, that's who.
Potatoes can be used to
liven up any sort of meal you can imagine. Why I'd even go so far as to say
these spuds are the best side-dish ever created. And one of the things that
makes them so great isn't just their taste – it's their variety.
Yes, there are a
plethora of different potatoes one could add to their meal, but I'm talking
more about the varieties in which it can be prepared. I mean, when you really
break it down, the spud possibilities are damn near endless. Which is nothing
but a good thing, especially for my cannabis-induced hunger.
Maybe it's just me, but
I can't get enough of these babies. And anytime I learn a new way to enhance
the already awesome flavor of potatoes, I never hesitate to try it out. And, as
I've come to find, there are rarely any missteps in these recipes. In other
words, no matter what you do to a potato, the chances of it tasting amazing are
through the proverbial roof.
Impress Your Friends With A Batch Of Cannabis-Infused Cheesy Bacon Potatoes
Personally, I'm partial
to anything cheesy, too. I'm sure we've all had a batch of cheese fries at one
point or another in our lives. In fact, if you haven't, I'd argue that you
haven't truly "lived" yet. There's something undeniably scrumptious
about this pairing. The gooey consistency of the lip-smacking cheese, in
concert with the crispy taters, brings a smile to my face (and stomach). It
truly is a match made in heaven, and I've long considered this the end-all,
be-all when it comes to potato combinations.
That was until I threw
some bacon in the mix. Oh, baby. What a treat!
But I also took it one
step further. Rather than subject myself to the typical french fry that we've
all grown tired of, I decided to class my spuds up a bit by chopping them into
little bite-sized morsels of carb-loaded goodness. Those taters, smothered in
cheese, and betwixt chunky pieces of perfectly crisp, salty bacon is
unbeatable, in my personal opinion.
I'm confident I'm not
the only one salivating at the mere mention of such a dish. That, in every
regard, is downright perfect. But, what if I told you I could take this
seemingly flawless recipe and make it even better? Well, that's precisely what
I intend to do with this particular concoction. And the only thing we'll be
adding to it is cannabis.
That's right, party
people. I'm about to tell you exactly how to make an amazing batch of Cheesy
Bacon Potatoes that are fully infused with cannabis. The only question
remaining is: Are you ready to give your taste buds the gift of a lifetime?
Now, if you've scrolled
through any of my other recipes, you've come to find that cannabis-infused
butter is a common staple. Which makes a lot of sense. I mean, you're going to
want to unleash a series of therapeutic effects with these meals, not just add
raw plant matter into the mix.
So, in order to proceed
with this recipe, you'll need to make sure you have some cannabis-infused
butter at the ready. You can easily head on down to your local dispensary to
pick up a tub (or two) for all your culinary needs. But, personally, I prefer
the more "homemade" route. So, let me quickly breakdown how to make
some cannabis butter of your very own.
I've gone into great
detail in the past about how to go about making homemade cannabis butter, but
if you don't have time to visit other recipes, allow me to explain the process
as quickly as possible.
To be fair, it's pretty
Grab about a cup (or so)
full of ground cannabis flower, and place it into a saucepan. Make sure the
heat on your burner never exceeds 240°. That would effectively burn your
flowers, rendering them useless. By keeping them at this specific temperature,
for about 30 minutes, will allow your bud to activate its psychoactive
elements. This process, known as decarboxylation, transforms the useless THCa
component into its more fun, thought-provoking brother, THC. This process
allows your bud to share its THC elements with whatever it winds up being mixed
with. In this case, it'll be with a cup's worth of melted butter.
Gradually pour in that
melted butter and stir, stir, stir. You'll want the THC to get into every
little nook and cranny that this butter has to offer. Then, after a short
while, you'll want to prepare a storing container for your newly-created potent
butter, with a cheesecloth on top of it. The cheesecloth will help sift out any
floral components from the flowers, themselves.
Once you've got that all
drained into your container, throw that sucker into the fridge to toughen up a
touch. It doesn't need to get rock solid or anything, just until it reaches
your desired butter consistency. Then, you're ready to use it for any
THC-related recipes you try out – including this one for Cheesy Bacon Potatoes.
Now that you've got your
cannabis-infused butter, you'll want to make sure to grab the following


  • Alrighty, now that
    you've got everything you need, let's get started.
    First and foremost, grab
    some aluminum foil and line your slow cooker (or crock pot) with it. Remember
    that you'll need enough to fully encapsulate the potatoes when it's all said
    and done.
  • Then, you'll want to
    fire up a big ol' skillet on a mid-high heat setting.
    At this point, you'll
    toss in a tablespoon of your cannabis-infused butter. This is there to grease
    your cooking surface, to avoid sticking. Now comes the bacon's time to shine.
    Throw in the entire pound of bacon into the skillet. Be sure to cook the bacon
    thoroughly on both sides, you'll want these suckers to be nice and crisp –
    trust me.
    Once those are done,
    take them out of the skillet and place them nearby – you'll be needing them in
    just a second.
    Take that newly cooled
    (and de-greased) bacon, along with your onions and potatoes, and start dicing
    'em up. Take all those choppings, along with some freshly grated cheddar
    cheese, and toss them into your slow cooker (or crock pot) that's been lined
    with aluminum foil. But don't just toss them in there willy-nilly. You'll want
    to layer these ingredients.
  • Start with the potatoes,
    then the bacon, onions, some dollops of cannabis-infused butter, and round off
    the whole thing with a healthy smattering cheese. Before you start cooking
    these, be sure to season the potatoes with some chili powder, salt, and pepper.
    Once that's done, expertly wrap up your layered ingredients in the aluminum
    foil and put a lid on that sucker.
    Now, it becomes a
    waiting game, as you'll want to let these babies cook "low and slow"
    for the better part of 10 hours. So, grab a book, do some errands, or just
    smoke a little more – because these will need a good amount of time to cook,
    that's for sure.


But, once that time has elapsed, the only thing left for you to do is uncover your perfect potato dish and start plating it up. And that’s it, party people. With minimal effort (and a lengthy cook time), you were able to successfully create your very own batch of Cheesy Bacon Potatoes fully infused with cannabis.
Nicely done.

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