How To Make Chocolate-Covered Cannabis-Infused Bacon

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Chocolate Covered Cannabis Infused Bacon

Author: KC Scannell
Course: Appetizer
Keyword: Bacon, Cannabis, Cannabis Infused Bacon, Chocolate, Infused


  • Pound Bacon Strips
  • 1 Cup of Chocolate Chips Semi-sweet
  • 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Shortening
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Cannabis-Infused Butter Melted
I’m not exactly sure how, but the common pig sure can provide some super scrumptious meals. Pork chops are some of the tastiest dishes in town, and anything ham-related is always a crowd-pleaser. But there is one part of the swine’s culinary repertoire that never disappoints, and that, my friends, is the world’s favorite strip of meat known as bacon.
Everyone’s relationship with this salty treat is different, but regardless of where your love affair started, chances are it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you’re like me, any chance I can add bacon to something – I do it. No questions asked. And every single time that I do, it takes a mediocre meal to new heights with the utmost ease and deliciousness. It truly never fails to hit the spot.
What’s even better about bacon is you can utilize its greatness during any part of the day.
Want a few strips to rest alongside your eggs and toast? Done deal, dig in. Interested in making that cheeseburger a “bacon cheeseburger”? By all means, go for it! Want a healthier option for dinner? How about you wrap those asparagus spears in some of America’s most prized pig meat product? That always works for me.
Step By Step Recipe For Chocolate Cannabis-Infused Bacon
The only meal type left is dessert at this point. And, while I’ve enjoyed the novelty idea of a bacon ice cream or candy, I often find that those are better left as “ideas” – because the reality of a pig-flavored confection just doesn’t have as much a success rate as its more cooked counterparts.
Which is fine. Hey, nobody’s perfect, right? So what if bacon doesn’t belong in dessert dishes – big whoop. Who cares?
I had that mindset for years, to be honest. And I’m ashamed to say that I found myself content with a dessert menu that was sans-bacon. But, as the years wore on, I grew to miss the chance of seeing a pork-related option as a sweet post-dinner treat. So, I knew it was high time to change that.
So, after some trial and error, and hours upon hours of Googling, I think I’ve solved that problem once and for all. And if any of you, fellow pig enthusiasts, are looking for a bacon-inspired dessert item to add to your bag of bacon tricks I think you’re really going to like this one.
Party people, I’m about to tell you how to make chocolate-covered bacon.
But, not just any chocolate-covered bacon…Some chocolate-covered cannabis-infused bacon.
That’s right. You know a recipe’s going to be good when there’s more than one hyphen.
However, before I launch into a list of ingredients and whatnot, you have to make sure you’ve got some cannabis-infused butter on hand. If not, this whole recipe will be lacking a certain “potency” if you catch my drift.
If you don’t have any – no worries. I’m sure your local dispensary has got a few tubs of THC butter on deck, but if not, I can quickly break down how to make some of your very own in the comfort of your kitchen.
I already have a separate recipe for this, so if you’d like, you can venture on over to that link for a more in-depth discussion on how to make some cannabis-infused butter from scratch. But, for the time being, allow me to summarize the process as quickly as possible.
You’ll want to toss in a cup’s worth of ground cannabis into a saucepan. Make sure the heat on the stove is at 240°. Any higher, and you’ll burn your bud to a crisp. This specific heat level allows the decarboxylation process to take place. Which is just a fancy way of saying, it activates your cannabis, and readies it to be combined with any sort of element.
In this case, it’ll be combined with some regular butter.
Speaking of, this is where you’ll want to add in a cup’s worth of butter into the saucepan. I prefer to have the butter pre-melted upon adding it to my cannabis, but you can allow the heat from the stove to take care of that for you if you like. Then, after 30 minutes or so of that marinating together, you’ll want to get yourself a container for storage, along with some cheesecloth for straining.
Then, being mindful of the heat, take the saucepan off the stove, and slowly pour the contents into your chosen container, straining the large floral elements out of the mixture through your cheesecloth.
Though you may be enticed to, do not squeeze the cheesecloth, as that would only assist various particles in finding their way into the finished butter – and that sort of bitter plant taste would only serve as a detriment to the entire concoction. But, other than that, throw that container full of activated butter into the fridge – long enough for it to reach a nice “butter consistency” and then you can use it on, well, anything you’d like.
But let’s start with this recipe for Chocolate-Covered Cannabis-Infused Bacon.
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  • Kicking things off, you’ll want to get your oven preheated to around 400°. While that’s heating up, grab a decent-sized baking sheet. If you have one of those wire racks, you can place that atop the baking sheet. But, if you don’t have one of those, just be sure to thoroughly lubricate the baking sheet with some cooking oil (Olive or Coconut) to avoid sticking.
  • Then, it’s time to grab that bacon of yours.
  • As you remove each strip from its plastic sheath, you’ll want to expertly thread a wooden skewer through each one. This will provide some nice bacon crimps to allow for maximum crispiness, as well as make them easier to handle during the process. After you’ve threaded each slice, you’ll want to grab some of your melted cannabis-infused butter.
  • With a brush, apply a liberal amount of this infused butter on each strip of bacon. Be sure to hit each side, too. You don’t want one bite being stronger than another, do you?
  • Now, of course, I’m a seasoned cannabis enthusiast who enjoys a solid punch with my edibles, but everyone’s different. If you only want to apply a tiny amount to test the waters, there’s no shame in that at all.
  • Once those are properly doused in cannabis-infused butter, place them into the oven and let them crisp up to perfection. I’d say that process usually takes somewhere in the realm of 20-30 minutes or so. But be sure to stay vigilant; you don’t want these babies to burn.
  • While those strips are in the oven, it’s time to make your melted chocolate concoction to drip over the finished strips. To do that, you’ll need a small bowl, one that’s built to withstand the conditions of a microwave. In it, you’ll want to toss in your chocolate chips and vegetable shortening.
  • At this point in the recipe, if you’re really looking to test the limits, you can add in a dollop (or two) of your cannabis-infused butter into the bowl, as well. It’s totally not a requirement, but I find that it adds a guaranteed kick to the overall potency. But, again, if that’s not your goal, you can totally go without.
  • Whether you make that potent addition or not, you’ll want to toss that bowl into the microwave for the chocolate to melt. And melting chocolate is a bit tricky. Which is why you’ll want to be sure to conduct this process in 30-second chunks. After each little time limit is completed, check the bowl and stir the mixture up. You’ll know you’re done with the blend is super smooth, and stirring becomes an easy delight, as opposed to a tough chore.
  • Then, when your bacon is done, remove the baking sheet from the oven. As carefully as you can manage, gently pour that chocolate mixture over each piece of bacon, making sure to leave half the bowl for the other side of the strips. After you’ve repeated that process for the remaining side, you’ll want to put each strip atop a piece of waxed paper. This is where those skewers really come in handy for transporting them from one medium to the next.
  • Once they are fully transported over to the waxed paper, throw those bad boys in the refrigerator to harden a touch. In my experience, I find that a half-hour in the chiller ought to do the trick. When that time has elapsed, you can either dig in or save ‘em until your buddies come over.
  • Either way, you just made your very own batch of Chocolate-Covered Cannabis-Infused Bacon, and you should be proud of yourself.

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