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Strain: Inzane

Producer: Shango

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



The buds are loose and fluffy 80%
There’s a diesel aroma 60%
Overall flavor is very earthy 60%
These buds usually test at 18% THC 60%
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Inzane. I picked Inzane because of its name. There was no other reason. I know that a Shango strain is unlikely to be terrible. In fact, Inzane is one of the worst ones that I’ve tried so far, and I would still give it a C+.

Inzane is one of Shango’s more expensive strains. However, I’ve found that the price of bud is only loosely related to its quality.

Appearance 4/5
These buds are yellowish. They’re shaped like miniature pine trees, with the hairs covering the buds sticking up like bristles. Each one is a soft green color. The buds are loose and fluffy. You can feel the resin on your fingers when you try to break the flower apart.

Aroma 3/5
They don’t smell like much. There’s a diesel aroma that hangs heavy in the air after you’ve smoked a few puffs. If you really concentrate on the smell, you might be able to tease out a few plant-like notes.

Taste 4/5
Inzane smoke tastes like swamp weeds.
The overall flavor is very earthy. It needs a sweet (or fruity) twang to be more appetizing. Right now, the flavor is mostly acceptable because you know that it means you’re getting high. A lot of things become pleasant once they’re associated with weed, to be honest.


Effect 3/5
Ignore the wild name. Inzane is actually a pretty mild strain. Smoking it felt like I was slipping into a relaxed state. However, I never got the “free” feeling that I usually experience. I noticed a tightness in my shoulders that didn’t go away. These buds usually test at 18% THC or more, and a bit more potency would’ve gone a long way in this case.

Inzane by Shango recreational prices (taxes NOT included): 1g ($18), ⅛ ($57), ¼ ($107), 1 oz ($379)

Many new smokers are intimidated by high-THC percentages. They shy away from those strains because they don’t want to experience an intense high. There are serious stoners who prefer low-THC strains, as well. They appreciate the mellow, no-pressure high.

Inzane could potentially satisfy a lot of different medical patients because of its even-keeled demeanor.

Shango grows so many strains, that you could become a Shango groupie, and smoke nothing else. If you did, you might determine that Inzane is a middle-of-the-road type of strain. It doesn’t stand out at all.

That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to smoke, though. If someone was passing around a joint rolled with crushed Inzane buds, I’d have a hard time saying “no.”

I don’t think I will buy Inzane again, though. I just didn’t love it enough.

4380 Boulder Hwy,
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone number: (702) 444-4824
Hours: 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Monday through Thursday. 12 a.m. to 12 a.m. Friday through Sunday  

Shango is one of the biggest names in town. The dispensary is massive, operating as both a storefront and a grow operation. Shango grows some of the most sought-after strains on the market. Digital billboards lead the way, if you get off on the highway exit down the road.

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However, the dispensary is non-descript. It looks like a plain warehouse. If you weren’t familiar with the Shango name, you’d have no idea that you were passing by a weed shop.

The lobby is large and sterile. It has the aura of a doctor’s office, where the patients rarely receive bad news. Everyone looks mildly bored. There’s no character in the room, beyond a motorcycle plopped down in the middle of the seating area. Shango desperately needs a better lobby vibe. If it were legal to smoke at dispensaries, I’d still rather go home than smoke here.

The bland design is less noticeable when you move to the actual dispensary. There, a budtender leads you around the room. There’s a section for flower, a section for concentrates, and a section for edibles. I haven’t encountered a Shango budtender that didn’t have a big, friendly personality.

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