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Island Sweet Skunk Motivator

Strain: Sativa

Producer: Cannavative

Contributor: Akil Evans



The Island Sweet Skunk preroll is packed in a simple black 80%
the preroll welcomes my nostrils with a sweet fruit-like fragrance 80%
sharp notes of pepper tingle my throat 80%
The energy gifted to me by this sativa flower 100%
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Cannavative: Island Sweet Skunk Motivator Preroll - Sativa - $25.00 for 1 gram
THC: 50.33%
THCa: 558.2 mg/pkg
THCd9: 013.8 mg/pkg
CBG: 003.4 mg/pkg
CBGa: 012.0 mg/pkg

Terpene Profile
Caryophyllene: 32.6 mg/pkg
Humulene: 09.7 mg/pkg
Linalool: 05.4 mg/pkg
Bisabolol: 04.6 mg/pkg
Terpinolene: 03.7 mg/pkg

Island Sweet Skunk is also known as Sweet Island Skunk; however, it does not originate from an island. Island Skunk was first bred in Canada by British Colombian producer Federation Seeds with the intention of creating a bonafide sativa strain. Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Big Skunk #1 are crossed to create Island Sweet Skunk. THC percentages average between 15% - 19% from most reports of Island Sweet Skunk. This strain is often used to combat depression and fatigue because of its energizing high. Cannavative’s Island Sweet Skunk Motivator retains a large amount of beta-caryophyllene, but, typically myrcene, terpinolene, and linalool are the dominant terpenes.

The above-average THC percentage and uncommon terpene profile are most likely a result of Cannavative’s Motivator preroll infusion. 0.8g of flower is combined with 0.2g of honeycomb concentrate in this special preroll in order to give advanced smokers an impactful experience.

Appearance 4/5
The Island Sweet Skunk preroll is packed in a simple black tube with the text “motivator by cannavative” printed in white on the packaging. In addition, there is a marijuana warning with the advising to keep out of the reach of children. There is also a sticker adhered to the cylinder detailing the cannabinoid lab results and an extensive terpene profile.
The prerolled joint is twisted at the end, and the filter is more than half the length of the packed flower. For ideal airflow with inhaling cannabis debris, a piece of paper is folded like an accordion inside the crutch. The paper used to wrap the jay is a translucent white that reveals the vibrant green flower and sunny pistil hairs. I spill some of the shake out of the doobie to witness finely ground cannabis similar to powder. The light green flower seems to glow and makes it difficult to discern the crumbles of honeycomb concentrate.

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Aroma 4/5
I pop the seal on my Cannavative Island Sweet Skunk Motivator, and the scent is fire! At first, the preroll welcomes my nostrils with a sweet fruit-like fragrance. The smell transforms to more herbal and green notes. My nose can detect sweet scents from the garden before the skunk funks up the aroma. When I roll the preroll under my nose, I’m reminded of grapefruit and citrus-flavored tarts. Lastly, the musk and gas smells develop, and I relish these colognes. I associate this lasting diesel and skunk perfumes with high-quality cannabis.

Taste 4/5
I slide the motivator out of its capsule and spark it with my golden dragon electric lighter. As I take my first puff and I inhale, sharp notes of pepper tingle my throat and initiate a cough. I expected to taste cloves because of the huge portion of caryophyllene in the terpene profile. Still, I am surprised how the bitter flavor dominates the taste of the Island Sweet Skunk Motivator Preroll. Even though the flavor feels harsh, it smooths out towards to end for a decent smoke. My taste buds are left wanting more of the citrus and tart aftertaste.

Effect 5/5
If I wasn’t standing on my feet when I sparked the Island Sweet Skunk Motivator preroll. The energy gifted to me by this sativa flower and concentration would have compelled me to rise. This preroll gives me a very “can do” attitude. I am compelled to accomplish the tasks on my agenda and complete chores. I’m feeling positive and down to clown. Maybe part of the reason I am inspired to be responsible is in order to have a guilt-free video game playing marathon.

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Cannavative combines 0.8g of premium flower with 0.2g of potent honeycomb concentrate to produce an advanced level product ideal for seasoned smokers with a high tolerance. As a result, the THC percentage, or ratio of the intoxicating psychoactive cannabinoid, is way above average at 50.33%. Plus there is an extensive list of terpenes on the label. I recommend enjoying this preroll as a wake and bake session or afternoon break. The caryophyllene helps relieve stress, but the honeycomb concentrate is powerful. Please use this product with caution.

I’m surprised that the most abundant terpene is caryophyllene at 32.6mg because many consumers and producers report myrcene as it’s a dominant terpene. At first, I was concerned that the surplus of caryophyllene would be overwhelming spicy and force me to constantly cough. However, the smoke session became very enjoyable after the fourth pull from the Island Sweet Skunk Motivator 1g Pre Roll. I just wish I could taste more of the sweet herbal notes in the aftertaste of the smoke.

Address: 823 S 3rd St Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: Dispensary 10AM - Midnight
Delivery 8AM - Midnight


It’s still the first month of the New Year, and MedMen is already becoming my most frequented dispensary. Before I became affiliated with, I would often visit MedMen purely for recreation, with no intent to review the product. In 2019, when I begin working with LV Cannabis Reviews, I decided to visit as many different dispensaries as possible in order to get a diverse experience to become a better cannabis critic. Once again, I find myself at MedMen not only for review products but also for my own carefree smoke sessions.

MedMen Dispensary provides an experience that educates consumers and caters to the preference of each individual user. I enjoy my trips to MedMen because of my interactions with the staff. Many of the budtenders recognize me. When we talk, it feels like I’m chatting with a smoking buddy even though I have yet to smoke with any of them. Over time, the Medmen staff has gotten to know me and always tell me about the latest product to be stocked and the latest dank they have consumed. All the MedMen staff, besides the friendly security guards are required to rock the MedMen brand red uniforms. Still, the budtenders display their personality in the pins they place on their lanyards.

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Perhaps the coolest feature at this dispensary is the display cases. Most of the flower products for sale are showcases in a transparent jar with a magnified section that makes it simple to view the cannabis up close and personal. There is even a slot that slides open if one desires to smell the herbal essence. I’m not sure if MedMen intended this feature, but a person could also touch the flower through the slot to feel the moisture level. The multiple LCD monitors in the retail space provide the menu with price, THC percentage, producer, and strain type. Just as the tablet screens connected to all the flower, preroll, concentrate, and edible exhibits provide in-depth cannabinoid and terpene information for curious cannabis connoisseurs like myself.

On my last visit to MedMen in the Downtown Las Vegas Area near the Arts District, I used all these tools at my disposal to make my purchasing decision. Keemberly, my budtender, aided me in selecting an Island Sweet Skunk Motivator 1g preroll from Cannavative for $25.00.


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