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Jelly Punch Motivator Infused Pre-roll

Strain: Jelly Punch Motivator Infused Pre-roll

Producer: Cannavative

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Jelly Punch


The weed glows bright green 100%
Jelly PunchMotivator has a hearty, substantial aroma 80%
Like a glass of orange juice 80%
Not only does it last longer, the mouthfeel is better 100%


Ad description 0%
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The Jelly Punch Motivator Infused pre-roll by Cannavative recommends itself. The Motivator line uses dank weed and thick, golden honeycomb specs to create a pre-roll so potent you may not be able to finish it one sitting. According to Cannavative, the Jelly Punch pre-roll hits a cool 45.6% THC.

Appearance 5/5
When it’s still wrapped in its thin paper, the weed glows bright green. The specs of honeycomb show up like flowers bursting into life on a grassy field. If you really want to appreciate the weed’s lovely color, tear open the joint paper. The weed is soft and powdery while the chunks of honeycomb gleam like little jewels. Jelly Punch is easily some of the prettiest weed that I have run into in a long time.

Aroma 4/5
The Jelly PunchMotivator has a hearty, substantial aroma the fills the room when you start smoking or if you rip it open and let the weed spill out. While the weed is still locked in its wrapping paper, I could only catch a few stray whiffs. The smell reminds me of camping. The greenery bursting into vibrant life, the aroma that fills the air after a rainstorm. It’s a comforting, familiar smell that I lose myself in.

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Taste 4/5
The honeycomb bits don’t have a lot of flavor. The weed, meanwhile, lives up to the promise given its name. Jelly Punch is intoxicatingly sweet with a slight tang, like a glass of orange juice. The flavor dissipates before I can analyze it further.

I knocked off a point because the smoke is surprisingly harsh. It doesn’t glide velvet-smooth down the throat, instead, the heavy smoke makes my eyes water. New smokers beware, Jelly Punch might make you cough.

Effect 5/5
You don’t have to wait very long to gauge how Jelly Punch affects you. One puff will get you silly if you have a low tolerance, while a couple of big puffs in a row could knock out Cheech and Chong. Smoking bowls is more pleasurable than sucking on a joint in my opinion, especially when the weed is bedazzled with golden specs of honeycomb. Not only does it last longer, the mouthfeel is better.

Heading to a party? Craving social interaction? Jelly Punch can beef up your confidence. It’s a cheerful, sunny sativa that lives up to the stereotypes. Sometimes, you just want to lose yourself in the high and forget about everything that sucks in the world. Jelly Punch can get you there.

Cannavative’s Jelly Punch Motivator infused pre-roll would hit the spot on a night out. Why get wasted when you can get stoned? The energy that rushes through the body after smoking a few puffs is enough to fuel your adventures. I would buy a year’s supply if it were possible.

Address: 4503 Paradise Rd suite 210-240
Las Vegas, NV 89169
Phone number: (702) 405-8597
Hours: 12 a.m. - 12 a.m. daily 

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MedMen stands out. It’s designed for the Instagram-era; everything is photo-ready, from the grinning budtenders to the polished display cases. You feel as though you’ve slipped a high-tech dreamworld. I can’t remember how I ended up at MedMen. I think I wanted to pick up a single joint before heading to the Strip. I planned on spending $20.

$150 later, I was walking out the store wondering what the hell happened. So much for having a plan. It fell apart the second I saw Cannative’s line of Motivator pre-rolls. Each one is infused with 0.2g of honeycomb. High-quality weed + concentrate = a potent brew. I didn’t need my budtender’s help to gravitate toward the pre-rolls, but if I had, it would have been no trouble. MedMen budtenders walk the dispensary floor until they find a customer who needs them. They are easy to spot; each budtender wears a flaming red company shirt and black pants. You need to flag one down to put in your order. The budtender scribbles what you want and passes the order to another staff member. A third person rings you up.

If you are in Vegas for more than a day, you are probably going to see a few MedMen ads. Practically every other taxi is decked out with their logo. The dispensary lives up to the hype. Everything looks new and polished. Instead of being forced to sit idly in a bland waiting room, you are free to roam the moment your ID is scanned. The floor plan is completely open.

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