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Joy 1g Preroll

Strain: Sativa Dominant

Producer: Statemade NV

Contributor: Akil Evans



I like the simple aesthetic of the Joy packaging 80%
The aroma is therapeutic and reminds me of essential oils 100%
The first hit reminds me of all the sweet flavors one can find in a garden or in nature 90%
Peace wraps its loving arms around me in an embrace that puts a smile on my face. 100%
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Statemade NV: Joy 1g Preroll - Sativa Dominant - $15.00 for 1 gram

THC: 20.22%

𝚫-Limonene: 7.77mg/g
Linalool: 3.70mg/g
𝛃-Pinene: 2.24mg/g

Statemade’s Joy is available in vaporizer pen, tincture drops, flower, and prerolls. Joy is made for happiness and claims to create a positive, uplifting high with notes of berry and cloves. According to the MedMen website, Joy utilizes the White Widow strain or something similar. The great amount of limonene at 7.77mg/g indicates the product may uplift mood, while the 3.70mg/g of Linalool can reduce anxiety, and finally, the 2.24mg/g can improve short-term memory. I’m expecting citrus and herbal notes because of the terpenes listed in lab results.

Appearance 4/5
Medmen packages its Statemade NV Joy in a transparent hard plastic tube with a copper-colored childproof top. I like the simple aesthetic of the Joy packaging, and it reminds me of window shopping name brands at the mall. There is a sticker displaying the lab results that also reveals NLVO provided the Nevada grown flower for the preroll. The joint itself is wrapped symmetrically and packed to the brim with flower before ending with a twist. The tint and translucence of the paper show it be hemp. A perfect “W” shape is used as a crutch for the filter for easy airflow. The Joy preroll flower is ground up well, but not too fine. I witness chartreuse, moss, and forest green in the speckles of calyx and leaves. The tan pistils are hardly visible, and the trichome sprinkle is decent.


Aroma 5/5
I push down and twist counter-clockwise on the shiny cap of the Joy preroll tube to relinquish the soothing scent. The aroma is therapeutic and reminds me of essential oils. Specifically, I’m reminded of the lavender oil I pour into my air diffuser at night to help me rest. Joy also has a warm citrus tone that I often detect in sativa and sativa-dominant strains. The tart and fruity notes persist towards the end of the smell while the lavender peaks at the beginning.

Taste 4.5/5
I spark my Joy preroll with my electric lighter instead of butane so I can get a clear grasp of its flavor. The first hit reminds me of all the sweet flavors one can find in a garden or in nature. For example, the first tones in the smoke are reminiscent of honey, lavender, honeysuckle, and hibiscus. Lavender is the most dominant flavor in the floral spectrum. The fruit flavors are muted compared to the sweet fresh tones. Still, I can detect the slights hint of citrus as I exhale.

Effect 5/5
The effects of Statemade Nevada’s Joy full gram preroll are realized after my second hit! Peace wraps its loving arms around me in an embrace that puts a smile on my face. I become more confident and relaxed. Once I get about halfway through the joint, I am energized and gifted a surge of creativity and focus. The joint kept on getting me stuck mane. In other words, I became fixated on a distraction and forgot my priorities as I drifted off daydreaming.

I recommend this Joy one-gram preroll produced by Statemande NV to cannabis consumers seeking relief from anxiety, stress, or negative thoughts. The combination of limonene and linalool in Joy’s terpene profile delivers a peaceful and healing high. Limonene may boost mood and energy, while linalool can relieve anxiety and stress. The high is potent, so I did not feel compelled to smoke the entire joint in one session. Thus I suggest this product to intermediate and expert weed warriors.

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It was a pleasure to finally chop it up with Keemberly at MedMen. Although I often see her in the dispensary, it was my first time interacting with her as my budtender. I think $15.00 is a great price for the Joy 1g preroll produced by Statemade NV. Linalool was listed as less than 3.70 mg/g, but it dominated the aroma, taste, and high. As promised, this product brought me happiness, and I will continue to buy this joint regularly to keep me in high spirits when times are hard, and the stakes are high.

Address: 823 S 3rd St Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: Dispensary 10AM - Midnight
Delivery 8AM - Midnight

I have a long history and a great rapport with MedMen Dispensary. Specifically, the location in Downtown Las Vegas close to the Arts District on 3rd Street. After recreational cannabis became legal in 2017, I made my first dispensary visit to New Amsterdam Naturals at 823 South Third Street. Later in 2018, when MedMen took over the location, many of the skilled patient consultants made the transition along with the business. That some of the staff remained despite the building’s transformation is part of the reason I still frequent spot. For my first weed haul in 2020 to pick up personal weed, product that I did not review for, I went to MedMen.

I traveled to MedMen right after I clocked out of my part-time gig because I wanted a preroll to aid in my relaxation. It did not want to spend more than $20.00 for a full gram preroll, and I wanted something I never tried. The budtender recommended I sample a joint from the Statemade NV brand. According to MedMen, Statemade is “cannabis made in your state–for your desired state”. I choose the Joy one-gram preroll because I seek a happy mood after work. On my walk home, I enjoyed the preroll’s stress relief and good body vibrations. I returned two more times that week to replenish my supply of Joy. Prior to my review shopping trip, I checked the MedMen website to make certain that the Downtown location had Joy in stock. I talked with Keemberly, a friendly and knowledgeable budtender, and she remarked on how some of the staff often enjoys Joy as well. I spent $15.00 for a gram of Statemade NV Joy and looked forward to finally critiquing the sativa-dominant flower.

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