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Key Lime Pie

Strain: Key Lime Pie

Producer: BAM

Contributor: Jeremy “Bearded Guy” Johnson



Cone-shaped tube 60%
Limes and fresh earth 60%
Pungent 80%
Nice and relaxe 80%
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Key Lime pie is an indica-dominant hybrid. It's actually a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. Key Lime Pie is a great strain for pain relief as well as helping alleviate depression. Key Lime Pie is known for its citrus scent, and it's known for giving the user a euphoric head high.

Appearance 3/5

The Key Lime Pie preroll comes in a clear, cone-shaped tube. It has a green sticker on it with an illustration of limes. It was packed perfectly. It burned just like it is supposed to. The ground-up plant material is a couple different shade of green. There are pieces of darker green as well as pieces of light green. There are a tiny few pieces of purple in the mix. I don't notice any stems.

Aroma 3/5

Key Lime Pies smells like limes and fresh earth. Its a sweet and tangy scent. It smells like someone took a bunch of limes, covered them in sugar, and poured potting soil on top of them. The smell is gone fast. The scent of the burning plant is like aromatherapy. The smell makes me pucker up, and it makes my mouth water at the same time. It has a really nice funk too it, like old cheese.

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Taste 4/5

Key Lime Pie has a slight bit of spiciness to it; it is mostly sweet, though. The sweet flavor is tangy, just like the aroma. The smoke is very smooth. It expands in my lung nicely and doesn't make me cough. The smoke leaves a refreshingly sweet taste in my mouth. It reminds me of lime skittles kind of. With each puff, the flavor gets more complex. The flavor is very pungent. This tastes much different than Original Girl Scout Cookies.

Effect 4/5

I really enjoyed the cerebral effects of Key Lime Pie. It felt like it helped me focus on tasks without stressing out. I was nice and relaxed, pain-free, and motivated to get work done. The body high from Key Lime Pie is nice too. It made me feel slightly warm. It was very euphoric. This strain really boosted my creative thinking and kept me relaxed. It was really nice to be able to relax without falling asleep.


Product price: 12$ for 1G Preroll
THC 18.34%
CBD 0.0%
BetaCaryophyliene 3.58MG
Limonene 1.84MG
Humulene 1.6MG

Key Lime Pie is a great all-around indica-dominant hybrid. Girl Scout Cookies lovers will love this strain. The great thing is that it’s not going to put you to sleep. This is a nice way to relax and still be alert. The euphoria from this strain really impressed me.

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Phone number: 702-802-3757
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Silver Sage Wellness is located on Charleston Blvd. It is in a small strip mall. The front windows are adorned with the Silver Sage Wellness logo. Parking is full today. Traffic is heavy out front today, which makes it hard to get in and out of the parking lot. Once inside the front door, there is a glass-enclosed room. There is a small slot to put your identification in for the security guard to verify. Once verified, I was allowed to walk into the waiting room. The waiting room is small, and there is a CBD vendor in the lobby introducing his products. On the left, I check in with my medical card. Two doors lead to the inside of the Silver Sage showroom. The showroom is small but very well organized. The cabinets are brown wood, and there are splashes of green and white thought the interior of the showroom. There are seven budtending stations. My budtender called me over as soon as I walked in the door. He showed me the menus on paper and pointed out that the menu is on a big-screen TV behind him as well. He told me about the different daily specials they were offering. I could hear the next budtender telling his customer how he could get the most bang for his buck. I love that they will help each customer find the best deal for their budget.

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