Fleur LA Confidential Flower

Strain: LA Confidential Flower

Producer: Fleur

Contributor: Ganja Gangsta



Five spherical crocodile green nugs 80%
Earthy and smoky-sweet aroma 80%
Earthy and saccharine flavors 80%
Calm high effect 100%
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Fleur: LA Confidential - Indica - 1g for $14
THC: 23.855%
Total Cannabinoids: 27.872%

Terpene Profile
Caryophyllene: 5.954 mg/g
Humulene: 3.127 mg/g
Limonene: 3.079 mg/g

LA Confidential is a classic cannabis indica strain produced from the cross of indica Afghani and indica OG LA Affie known for its analgesic, calming, and appetite-stimulating properties. LA Confidential flower can exhibit a spectrum of greens, blues, and even purple hues while the flavor and aromas often have earthy and sweet flavors.

Appearance 4/5
Five spherical crocodile green nugs accompanied by plenty of shake weigh one gram of LA Confidential produced by Fleur. The ganja has a hairy appearance because of the smattering of trichomes and pistils. The orangish-red pistils contrast the verdant green buds. A resealable foil pouch with one transparent side contains the indica flower. An informative sticker provides the NV Canna Labs cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles lab analysis while the other side is the purple landscape of the Vegas Valley.

Aroma 4/5
An earthy and smoky-sweet aroma floods my nostrils after I cut open the Fleur foil patch. LA Confidential has a fiery and gaseous smell that indicates the OG in its lineage. The bittersweet aspects of this cannabis indica’s fragrance are similar to the cinnamon and other Silk Old Road spices. The 3.127mg/g of humulene and 3.079mg/g of limonene combine in LA Confidential to create a light sweet herbal scent.

Taste 4/5
Similar to the aroma, LA Confidential’s ignited flower has earthy and saccharine flavors. I pack about half a gram into my glass bowl, and the indica bud has a bittersweet taste like cloves. Cinnamon is also brought to mind by the dry and sweet tones of Fleur’s LA Confidential. The 5.954mg/g of caryophyllene create cotton and spice like tone. While the 3.127mg/g of humulene adds dry herbal notes to the smoke.

Effect 4/5
Fleur’s LA Confidential flower gives a calm high perfect for late-night smoke sessions. The indica effects make me chill out and want to lay down. I also started to feel like I could eat a second dinner because of my LA Confidential bowl, and I am glad that I saved some healthy fruit snacks. The 3.079mg/g of limonene causes joyful energy to swell in my chest and puts me in a happy vibe.

Product price: 1g for $14



I recommend Fleur’s LA Confidential flower to the ganja gangstas looking to chill out with a peaceful vibe. This indica flower is ideal for erasing stress, pain, negative thoughts, and insomnia. In my opinion, beginner cannabis smokers can enjoy this strain in moderation without suffering from negative side effects.
It is no secret that LA Confidential provides essential pain and stress relief. This West Coast iconic cannabis indica bud is perfect for chill vibes and is reasonably priced at $14 per gram at Curaleaf. Once I opened the package, it’s best to smoke it all at once or stash it in a more secure container.

1736 Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 727-3187
In Store Hours 9 am – Midnight daily
Curbside Pickup Hours 9 am – Midnight Daily
Delivery Hours 10 am – 6pm Daily

Curaleaf and I go way back. I was present for the grand opening of the business when it converted from Blackjack Collective in 2019. And I was not surprised when the legalized dealer held me down during the Coronavirus pandemic. Because of the COVID-19 quarantine, shopping at the weed shop was restricted even though dispensaries were deemed essential businesses. Thankfully, Curaleaf was still able to hook me up with fire bud due to its partnership with Hytiva.com. I was still able to call in my order or order online using the virtual menu and receive it the same day.

The recent e-mail I received from Curaleaf about its new online site had me excited to discover the new ways my shopping experience would be catered to me. At first, I realized the new teal color on the outline of the web page and noticed the collage of photos displaying employees wearing masks. I quickly created an account on the site and began placing items in my cart for delivery. Perhaps, Curaleaf was too eager to reveal the innovations on the site. Three hours after my order was confirmed, I was informed by a Curleaf representative that my order would not be delivered because of internal errors.

This was just a minor setback, although I felt embarrassed for Curaleaf. I decided to do it the old fashioned way and rolled up on 1736 Las Vegas Boulevard. There were only two other customers shopping during my visit, so I was in and out with my $14 gram of LA Confidential indica flower produced by Fleur. The highlight of the visit was the free hand sanitizer included in my bag!

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