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After spending huge time and effort finding the perfect Delta 8 cartridge for yourself, any vape-related hassles may put you off! Your vape clogs, and you are back to square one. It happens more often than you think. As frustrating as it is, simple changes in our vaping habits go a long way from saving it from happening again. Since you are here already, we know you wish to take better care.

Clogging is a repetitive problem for vapers who are just beginning to understand how to use it. Have you got a busy schedule? Well, your vape kit shows. It is a problem that extends with other vapes like Delta 9 and CBD carts as well. So, how do you save your best delta 8 cartridges from clogging? If even the best ones suffer this wrath, we must be doing something wrong. Let us show you how to rectify this before it irritates you further!

Why do Delta-8 cartridges clog?

Since Delta-8 THC is a rather dense and sticky liquid, heating your cartridge leads to liquid thinning. The heat also warms the liquid, allowing you to smoke Delta-8 at ease. As vaping shows quicker effects than tinctures, oils, or edibles, it is the most common option in the market. According to Fortune, this strain is attracting high praise in the industry! 

With up to 55% of people turning to cannabis daily, the market for delta-8 is growing starkly. We are telling you this, so you do not regret your cartridge choice or buy a new cartridge simply because of clogging issues. We will ensure you are out of this fix as soon as possible! So, first, you will have to understand why Delta-8 carts begin to clog – 

  • Extreme Heat- With extreme heat, your Delta-8 e-liquid alters in response. As it becomes warmer, the liquid begins to get cold and thin. This liquid can easily go through the mechanism and clog in no time. We believe this one is common if people are not mindful about where they store their cart. Or in cases when people are not aware of how they ought to store their cart and where they can keep it. Our pro tip is to keep your Delta-8 cartridge safe. Do not chuck it away from your fridge, leaving it in your car, or even anywhere under the sun. The best place to store it would be a cool and dark place without too many temperature fluctuations. Storing your cart accurately is a part of taking good care of it! After all, its longevity is in your hands. 
  • Regular wear and tear- Many objects face these issues as their life cycle comes to a close, but proper storage and care can help you increase this life span. Temperature fluctuations are common if you cannot spend a day without your Delta-8 vape experience. Do not worry! We would be the last ones to ask you to put it off. Instead, try to make small changes like storing your cart well. Try not to toss it in your bag or room. Not only would you forget where it is, but it is not good for the contents within. 

Every e-cartridge comes with storage instructions. We are sure you missed it in sheer excitement. We got you covered!

What can I do to unclog my Delta-8 cartridge?

Here are the solutions for which you have been waiting! Our experts have lined up some tried-and-tested methods that have worked for them. Let the unclogging process begin! 

  • Take hints without fire- With a clogged cart, you can begin by slowly and softly pulling in air. If you do this without firing up your cart, you can sense the clog removal. This process happens when there is an adequate airway to show it out! Another method is to pull air slightly and then suction to your upper lip. By doing this, you will find your e-cart automatically released as the clog is clearing out. 
  • Give your cartridge some warmth- Yes, you read that right. You ought to fight fire with fire! To do this right, make sure you use a cartridge battery on the preheat settings. By doing so, you warm the oil within. The oil is then warm enough to dissolve the clog. If this function is not available on your vape, a DIY solution is to aim a hairdryer right at your cart for some seconds, positioning the dryer vertically. The dryer eventually allows the oil to flow out of the airway. 
  • Opt for the old school option- Ever had to take things in your hand, pick any toothpick or paperclip around you and clean narrow spaces yourself? If the methods mentioned above fail to work, you can always go the old school way! Pick any thin object and stick it into the cartridge’s mouthpiece. You may gently begin to remove the excesses. If you think that the above methods are too long-drawn, this method would be ideal for you.

How do I keep my cart from clogging again? 

We feel you! The long-drawn process taken to undo clogging is enough to alert us to take better care of our carts. For some of us, our vape carts are prized possessions! So, here is how we keep our Delta-8 cartridges from clogging again!

  • The straighter, the better- We mean this only for your vape! Your cartridge needs to stand tall, holding off any possibility of clogging. Keep it at room temperature and keep it far from direct sunlight.
  • Draw out extra air- By drawing out any excess air once you have stopped firing your vape, you enable the removal of excess vapor. This technique is one of the best preventive measures as it keeps the liquid from condensing or building upon the inner walls. 
  • Soft and hassle-free- With softer hits, everyone can relish the experience. It has dual goals! On the one hand, softer hits help Delta-8 vape carts last longer, leaving room for more experiences. On the other, softer hits keep the excess oil from being drawn to the airway. A harsh hit does that causing both clogging and flooding.

Final Words

It is high time we start taking great care of our vape kits! By preventing our best Delta-8 cartridges from clogging, we can ensure our Delta-8 cartridges enjoy the longevity they promise. By ensuring proper storage and use, your cart will be better than ever before.

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