Mango Passion Fruit Jellies

Strain: Mango Passion Fruit Jellies

Producer: Apothecary Shoppe

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



wrapped in cellophane in a solid block like a candy bar 100%
Mango Passion Fruit Jelly scent has a duality 60%
strong cannabis flavor 100%
sense of joy were barely noticeable 100%
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THC: 10.83 mg/g

Terpene Profile
Linalool: 0.163 mg/g

Appearance 5/5
The appearance of the Mango Passion Fruit Jellies gives me the impression that they were hand made by the Apothecary Shoppe staff. All of the gummies are wrapped in cellophane in a solid block like a candy bar. There is a white triangular pattern stamped across the top of the gummies that issues a THC warning. Just as my budtender Alex predicted, the candy has a wonderful, gelatinous texture just like slimy jelly. The gummies are presented fresh and not a tough texture like some competing edibles.

Aroma 3/5
The Apothecary Shoppe's Mango Passion Fruit Jelly scent has a duality. There is the combination of tropical fruit flavor and cannabis concentration in the fragrance of the five jelly cubes. As I initially sniff the candy, I can practically taste the passion fruit and mango puree. The smell of the fruit is sweet but not the tone of artificial sugar. Towards the conclusion of the fruity perfume is the familiar scent of THC oil that was no doubt infused during confection.

Taste 5/5
Mmmmm! The tropical combination of mango and passion fruit puree is so delightful that I accidentally swallow the first piece I sampled while relishing the flavor. There is a light coating of sugar on the gummies that is fun for the tongue. The texture is superbly smooth and eventually melts on my tongue. As the jelly shrinks, the cannabis flavor grows. I am not bothered by the strong cannabis flavor because it is extremely fresh. I'm reminded of the times I have chewed on stems by the green ganja flavor.

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Effect 5/5
2 hours after I gobbled down the dank delectable Mango Passion Fruit Gummies, I realized the full effects of the 54.14mg of THC. At first, the euphoria and sense of joy were barely noticeable. But over time, my whole body was wrapped in ecstasy. My mind was at ease, and I felt no need to be anxious.

Product price: $15.00

I would recommend Apothecary Shoppe's Mango Passion Fruit Jellies five pack to weed warriors who appreciate tropical fruit and gummy candy. Beginner smokers can enjoy this minimal serving of 54.15mg. Moreover, the candy is equally divided into five pieces at 10.83mg of THC per jelly so that a new consumer can safely dose. This product may prove useful in treating anxiety, stress, pain, depression, and lack of appetite.

As a gummy guru and cannabis connoisseur, I was immensely impressed with the flavor and texture of Apothecary Shop Mango Passion Fruit Jellies. I relished the strong fresh cannabis taste in the candy, which I have never said about another edible. I only wish I had bought more or that the gummies were available for purchase at larger quantities.

Address: 4240 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone number: (702) 740-4372
Hours: Open 24 Hours

The Top Hat logo of the Apothecary Shoppe foreshadows the elegant decor of the dispensary. The waiting room's design reminds me of an old school British private club because of the intricate red carpets on the floor and dark brown leather studded club chairs. A flat-screen television displayed videos of cannabis plants and illustrated the edible making process. Next to the Automated Teller Machine in the lobby was a water fountain with plastic cups. The clerk desk was similar to a ticket booth because the receptionist window was metal bars under a wooden arch. Hanging on the foyer walls are framed photographs of flower, and I noticed one abstract image of green billowing smoke with legs wearing a black baseball cap. Bronze decorated squares gridded the ceilings. I wondered what type of events were hosted at the Apothecary that called for the lectern and stool I noticed in the corner.

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At the registration table, I handed my driver's license to Brenda, and she welcomed me on my inaugural visit. Brenda was wearing a lovely dress and smile as she explained the loyalty card that would earn me a $1.25 eighth on my eleventh visit. I discovered more discounts when I entered the dispensary space and perused the dispensary menu. If I visit the Apothecary Shoppe on Local Tuesday, then I can receive 15% off with Nevada ID. Happy Hour is Sunday through Wednesday 6PM-9PM and offers deals like 3 prerolls for $25.00, selected eight's for $35.00, and $30.00 for a ten pack of 3:1 THC:CBD capsules. The most interesting item I discovered was the cannabidiol explanation. Not only was the CBD molecule exhibited, but the difference between THC and CBD was explained as well.

I talked with the dapperly dressed budtender Alex for my order of Apothecary Shoppe's own branded 5-pack of Mango Passion Fruit Gummies for $15.00. According to Alex, the textures have an amazing texture, and he usually eats them all at once.

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