Mango THC Syrup 100mg

Strain: Mango THC Syrup 100mg

Producer: Khalifa Kush

Contributor: Akil Evans



Royal yellow fluid from the black opaque bottle 80%
Medicine- like concentrate with added artificial sweetener 60%
Khalifa Kush Mango THC syrup and drizzle it across 80%
Body as legs begin to feel a bit numb 100%
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Net Weight: 30mg
THC: 103.00mg per Bottle
Serving Size = 3mL
Reef Dispensary produces Khalifa Kush products at the Reef dispensary location utilizing the in house grown Khalifa Kush flower. The 100mg Mango THC Syrup is manufactured with ethanol extraction. Flavor and color are added to the THC Distillate, but no terpenes are added in based on the lab results.

Appearance 4/5
The rubber-topped dropper neatly withdraws the pellucid royal yellow fluid from the black opaque bottle. The mango syrup color presents a myriad of hues, including yellow, pink, and orange. When I gaze intently at the treacle drip from the dropper into my beverage, I am reminded of a peach. The flow of the sticky icky mimics the consistency of Dayquil or Nyquil Cough Syrup. Finally, the sleek black and gold foil box presents the appeal of an exclusive, luxury project and makes it exciting to open the package and finally reveal the capsule.

Aroma 3/5
I untwist the black top of the matching bottle and inhale in order for my nose to detect the medicine- like concentrate with added artificial sweetener. Examining the ingredients reveals that corn syrup adds to sweetness to Khalifa Kush's Mango THC Syrup. The distinct saccharine notes that hit my nose at the end of the scent reminds me of Willy Wonka-brand candies. Specifically, I think of Sweettarts and Nerds. It smells more like bubblegum or the flavored swab administered by dentists before tools are inserted into one's mouth.

Taste 4/5
I squeeze my dropper to the brim full of the Khalifa Kush Mango THC syrup and drizzle it across my taste buds to discover candied flavors combined with a familiar medication taste. WIthin the syrup, the sugared syrup is a similar taste to over the counter cough syrups. Mango Hi-Chew candy's mango imitation is the same taste I experience when I swallow this Khalifa Kush syrup. Lastly, there is no trace of cannabis in the flavor or real mango.

Effect 5/5
It seems like it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the first effects of the Khalifa Kush Mango THC Syrup to take effect. First, I start to notice the changes in my body as my legs begin to feel a bit numb, and my entire body falls into a zen state. My movements start to feel weighted, and I have the sensation of operating in slow motion. No matter how much I dose in different sessions, the constant result is a deep night's sleep.

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Product price: $34.00

Khalifa Kush Mango THC Syrup is a versatile and effortless concentrate that I feel comfortable recommending to my seasoned sensimillia sensei and newly recruited weed warriors. That I can feel comfortable suggesting this product to a spectrum of tolerances is because of the comprehensive measuring dropper paired with the bottle. Moreover, this syrup can be a potent alternative to smoking flower or concentrates for users with the desire to smoke less. In my experience, this product is great for dealing with pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

I relished each of my different Khalifa Kush Mango THC Syrup sessions. I added the concentrate to Sprite Tropical Flavor, Banana Rum Whiskey, and Hot Jasmine Green Tea. Even though I could not detect the mango flavor in each of the beverages, I could undoubtedly experience the physically relaxing, blissful, and peaceful high that cures my insomnia.

Address: 3400 Western Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702) 475 - 6520
Hours: Mon Open 24 hours
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It was late in the evening, so the sun was down and no one was around. I have lived in Vegas for four years and have become accustomed to this "slow" season that happens during the holidays. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to visit a dispensary I've haven't visited in years and have never written a review. I decided to head to Reef Dispensary! Reef Dispensary was important to me back in the day because it was the first and only dispensary to carry Khalifa Kush products when it first hit the market. Nowadays, Reef is the only dispensary that produces Khalifa Kush products, but other dispensaries in Vegas may sell the KK product. I can't decide if the blazing rap tunes or the funky fresh fumes of weed were louder in the building. The area was well lit, and all the products were visible in boxes behind the long budtender counter.

The Tryke brand produces cannabis in the Reef facility and is the reason for the herbal essence in the air. I exchanged some greetings with Bailey and informed her that I was here for the Khalifa Kush Mango Syrup! I really wanted to get some Khalifa Kush flower to review, yet another awesome writer from has already completed the quest. So I opted for the Khalifa Kush Mango Syrup. I enjoy all types of hip hop and rap. The chopped and screwed and trap music genres are heavily influenced by lean or syrup-based drinks. I've been tempted to try the codeine cocktail but never have because of dire side effects. So I'm looking forward to making my rapper fantasies come true by pouring up this cannabis based syrup with my drink of choice. I asked Bailey if she ever had the opportunity to sample the product. She has not yet but relayed what she heard about it from her associates. Apparently, the product is very potent but takes a while to take effect. She mentioned how I could even add it to alcohol or dose directly from the vial.

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