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Midnight Oil

Strain: Midnight Oil

Producer: Tahoe Hydro Company

Contributor: Kieth Wagner



Standard preroll tube 80%
Strong and enticing 40%
Spicy aftertaste 80%
Alert but relaxed 80%
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Product price: 12 for 1G pre roll
Limonene 3.8MG
Beta Myrcene 2.7MG
bet caryophyllene 1.9MG

Midnight Oil is an even split hybrid. It was created by crossing Blueberry with Hashplant. This strain is known for giving the user a very euphoric body high coupled with an energetic body high. Since Midnight Oil is a 50-50 hybrid, it gives the user a perfect mix of body and head high.

Appearance 4/5
The preroll comes in the standard preroll tube with the Tahoe Hydro Company logo on it. The preroll is rolled perfectly. The color of the Midnight Oil plant material is dark green. There is a nice mixture of three different shade of green in the plant material. There are few small stems in the plant matter. The material is ground up nicely. It looks like green sawdust. It has small specks of orange and purple in it.

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Aroma 2/5
The scent of Midnight Oil is enticing. The aroma is strong, and it has a bit of a bite to it. It smells like fuel and black pepper. The black pepper scent has a bit of spiciness to it. The aroma just isn't as strong as it should be, I have to put my nose over the preroll and sniff hard to pick up the scent. The aroma is just too weak for my taste.

Taste 4/5
The scent of Midnight Oil is enticing. The aroma is strong, and it has a bit of a bite to it. It smells like fuel and black pepper. The black pepper scent has a bit of spiciness to it. It has a really spicy aftertaste.

Effect 4/5
Midnight Oil made me feel very alert but relaxed. The head high helped elevate my mood. I feel like I could run a marathon while still very relaxed. The relaxing effect makes my eyes heavy, but I am not sleepy at all. My mind feels very focused and alert. My body is very calm and relaxed. I feel like I could go to sleep if I wanted to even though my mind is very awake.

Midnight Oil is a strain I would recommend using before a night out. The energetic head high will help the user be very social. This strain is very euphoric, and it can be used as a social lubricant. The user will love how it boosts their mood and lowers inhibition.
I didn't like that the aroma of this strain was so weak. It may have been because it was already ground up and packaged. The effect was great, and the ground-up material looked pretty average. I would love to try a couple grams of the flower instead of getting it already rolled up.

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