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Miss X Kief

Strain: Miss X Kief

Producer: GLP

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Miss X Kief by GLP
Miss X Kief by GLP Packaging


Odd, sickly green color 50%
Earthy and musky 50%
Like warm apple pie 50%
Energized with every puff 50%


Ad description 0%
  • Sahara Wellness Dispensary
  • Our Analysis
  • How to Consume
  • Final Thoughts

420 E Sahara Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 478-5533
Hours: 12 a.m. - 12 a.m. Every Day  


I thought I knew kief. I’ve been smoking for years. I have a three-chambered grinder ready to capture every stray bit of dust and trichomes that fall off the nugs. But I’ve never experienced anything like Miss X kief by GLP.

Before we dive into why Miss X is so fantastic, let’s talk about Sahara Wellness, the dispensary where I picked it up. It’s an odd place. It’s open 24-hours a day but I almost drove past it on a late-night visit because the lighting is so poor. Depending on which way you’re driving, there’s a billboard to help you out.

The inside of Sahara Wellness is as dimly lit as the outside. The lobby and dispensary area are decorated in dark wood.

Appearance 5/5
Miss X kief is an odd, sickly green color. The powder is incredibly dense. It falls out in clumps when you shake it out of the jar. When you buy kief at the dispensary, you generally have to buy at least a gram.

If you’re a normal person, the gram might last for weeks. If you’re a pothead, you could probably smoke it up in a day. Regardless, the kief earns high appearance marks in part because there’s so much of it. It looks like more than a gram if you spill it onto a plate

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Aroma 5/5
Miss X kief smells like weed that’s been wrapped in plastic. It’s a lot milder than you would expect. That is until you really smell it. You must smell kief like it’s a flower, by bringing it close to your nose. The smell doesn’t permeate the room the way the stench of strong weed does.

The strongest notes that can be detected are earthy and musky. There’s no sweetness in the scent although there is in the taste. 

Taste 5/5
I don’t remember Miss X buds tasting this delicious.

Blazing Miss X kief produces some of the tastiest smoke that I’ve ever tried. It should be called warm apple pie instead of Miss X. The smoke enters your lungs gently. On the smooth exhale, the full flavor overwhelms your tastebuds.

The flavor is warm, spicy, and sweet. It tastes like a slice of baked cobbler.

Effect 5/5
Miss X is 50.4% THC. It’s a heavy amount and exactly what you’re looking for when you buy a concentrate. You’ll be wonderfully high. Your body will feel energized with every puff. The concentrates that reach 90% or more THC are hard to consume in large doses. You’ll just fall asleep or forget what you’re doing.

Miss X has an ideal amount of THC. I smoked it on and off all day and while I wouldn’t have trusted myself to ace a math test, I was able to wander around a park happily.

I could smoke Miss X kief by GLP all day, every day and never get tired of it. I don’t need weed, a pure kief bowl hits the spot in a delicious manner. It’s the perfect potency; you’re high enough to feel amazing but not so high that you’ll forget your name. You’ll be able to hold onto your thoughts while you’re blazing Miss X.

Smoking kief is a luxury. Partly because it’s expensive, but also because the high is so luxurious that you’ll be unfit to do anything except enjoy it.

Cannabis newbies should be careful. It’s easy to smoke too much kief. You only need a sprinkle to make a good bowl.

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