Motorbreath Preroll

Strain: Motorbreath Preroll

Producer: Greenway Medical

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



Uniform shape and plump appearance 80%
Musky and fruity tones 100%
Fiery herbal notes 70%
Pysically relaxing effects 80%

Motorbreath is a cannabis indica strain produced from the cross of indica SFV OG and indica0dominant ChemD. The chemical fumes of Motorbreath are how the funky flower has earned its name. The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine awarded Motorbreath 2nd place in best Medical Indica Flower during the 2016 THC Championship for its soothing and clarifying effects. In 2015, Motorbreath earned the award for the best hybrid for recreational use!

THC: 23.65%
Terpene Profile
Myrcene:     5.199 mg/g
Limonene:    5.361 mg/g
Linalool:    1.283 mg/g

Appearance  4/5
The white Greenway Medical tube blocks vision of the Motorbreath Preroll, however, I am excited to view the terpene profile on the label. The sliced and diced lush indica flower can be seen through the translucent white rolling paper. Furthermore, the joint was expertly packed because of its uniform shape and plump appearance. I’m reminded of chopped spinach by the verdant appearance of the leafy shake. There is a slight glimmer of trichomes and I see short pieces of copper pistils. I wish I had a chance to see the flower whole because Motorbreath is rumored to have shades of blue and purple.

Aroma  5/5
I impulsively react to the indica Motorbreath Preroll’s pungent and complex aroma by yelling, “Oh!” as soon as the lid is popped. A huge smile spreads across my face when my nose breathes in the musky and fruity tones. Motorbreath combines the sweet tartness of limonene with linalool’s floral citrus and provides a tropical fruit funk from myrcene. Still, when I place the joint under my nose the dominant scent is herbal.

Taste  3.5/5
I sparked my Greenway Medical Motorbreath indica preroll and breathed in fiery herbal notes. As I inhale the Greenway Medical indica preroll the vapor that fills my mouth reminds me of smoked wood. Then the barbecue wood chip flavor dissipates and I can begin to taste the 1.283 mg/g of linalool. In other words, a light floral scent glides across my tastebuds. 5.199 mg/g of myrcene gives the smoke a tropical fruit funk. Every puff offers a different flavor but the tones are not as pronounced in the taste as the aroma.

Effect  4/5
I felt the physically relaxing effects after only a few hits of Greenway Medical’s Motorbreath indica preroll! I did not expect to be high because more than 9/10ths of the joint was left. The simple motion of rolling my neck gave me a physical sensation close to ecstasy and quite the surprise. Before I knew it the aches and pains I woke up with from yesterday’s exercise were gone!  I was stress-free, feeling limber, and inspired to dance because of Motorbreath’s tranquil high.

Product price: $12.00

Greenway Medical’s Motorbreath Preroll is too potent of an Indica product for first-time smokers. Motorbreath is a great strain for athletes who train daily because of its rejuvenating high that energizes and soothes the body. Perhaps Motorbreath could be prescribed to treat pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia. The combination of linalool and limonene has potent antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

I wish that I could have shared my Motorbreath Preroll from Greenway Medical because the high provided a joyful experience. I especially enjoyed the indica flower’s intricate aroma of musk, tropical fruit, citrus, fuel, and flowers. MMJ America is offering the best deals on potent prerolls on right now! This must-try 23.65% THC preroll was only $12.00 and boasts a potent terpene profile.

Address: 4660 S. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone number: (702) 565-9333
Hours: 10 AM - 6 PM

I have been utilizing for my weed hauls since Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak implemented a COVID-19 Directive that shut down all dispensary operations besides delivery. Sativa is not a cannabis retailer but partners with Las Vegas dispensaries such as MMJ America to fulfill delivery orders. MMJ America is open daily for delivery from 10 am - 6 PM as long as the order’s minimum is $75.00 or more. And just this week MMJ America has begun to offer orders for pick up for orders with a subtotal of $50.00. Even amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, MMJ America remains committed to its mission to put patients and recreational users first by providing premium Cannabis Cup winning products at affordable prices.

I have become accustomed to searching for products on the site with its many useful filters. But I have yet to experience the Motorbreath 1g Indica Pre-roll produced by Greenway Medical so I added the product to my cart when perusing the pre-roll category. To my surprise, my order arrived within hours after I placed it. Prior to my rendezvous with the delivery driver, I received a text message and email to confirm the items and price of my order. The driver was very professional and called me upon arrival to ensure we met for the exchange. I was required to display my Nevada state-issued driver’s license and pay in cash for the ganja goods. In the end, I was a little embarrassed that I forgot my face mask in the house since my driver had to courtesy to wear hers for the delivery.

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