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MTF Motivator 1g Pre-Roll

Strain: MTF Motivator 1g Pre-Roll

Producer: Cannavative Motivator

Contributor: Ron Baker

Cannavative Motivator MTF Motivator 1g Pre-Roll Review December 2019 NuWu Marketplace Dispensary


A beautifully rolled cone 60%
Smell is really pungent and sour 60%
Slight chill factor 80%
Highly Effective 60%


Ad description 0%
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MTF Motivator 1g Pre-Roll
Here we have the MTF Private Reserve from Motivator, pre-rolled in a neatly packaged cone joint. Inside is packed with 1g of fiery green, the name originated from the two strains Matanuska Mist and Alaskan Thunder Fuck, I know right? With the private reserve label it should be one of

Appearance 3/5
A beautifully rolled cone with a resin content that’ll rival many strains floating around. The sticky factor is on 10 for sure, one of those strains that appear to be dripping with trichomes, but yet so clean. The joint burned evenly and didn’t run at all, it also had a very slow burn which indicates a freshness. A dense bud that would do really well as a concentrate or even a really strong edible.

Aroma 3/5
That classic burst of Cannabis most definitely hits you whether you like it or not. The moment I popped the top on the doob tube I wanted to face the entire joint, the smell is really pungent and sour. The classic unique aroma that this strain has always given me. I use to grow this strain back in 2012. It’s a long lasting smell as well, 45 minutes after putting the joint out, I still smelled the incredibly strong terpenes that has been bred on this strain.

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Taste 4/5
Can a hybrid out perform a quality tasting indica? That has always been my question, because this particular strain is bred from a robust style strain. That old school taste just like it smells type of deal makes good for an infused gummy. Whenever I smoke it, I find myself taking light hits as if I’m sipping a 2003 Merlot, freshly popped cork with a slight chill factor. Tasting Cannabis will become a connoisseur’s type thing in 2025.

Effect 3/5
Totally put me on my a** within 30 minutes of consuming, I had to take a seat to gather my thoughts. That was a bad idea because I fell into a trance that had me pondering the take over of A.I., and how I could be buying my weed from a robot or vending machine soon. Kind of weird to think about but it’s coming. McDonald’s, Walmart, and others have made the change, will mother cannabis do the same?

Yes, yes, and yes. Really, it is a quality strain, and it has always stood up to the test of time. If the strain is more than 20 years old, it can finally be placed in the Cannabis Hall of Fame, along with Master Kush, Blue Dream, and Pre 98 Bubba. Go out and pick up this pre-roll if you are heading to a fight at the MGM or a Golden Knights game.

1235 Paiute Cir,
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Phone number: (702) 844-2707
Hours: 24 hours 

NuWu Marketplace Dispensary
Describing Nuwu Marketplace is something of astonishing disbelief. A huge facility standing proud on top of a slight hill, which brings a little more power to their presence.

Located within a 10 minute drive of the Las Vegas Strip, Nuwu Marketplace has all things Cannabis. Including two of my favorites, a consumption lounge and a 24 hour drive-thru, and not mention carrying dozens and dozens of your favorite brands.

After entering and checking in, I immediately notice how big the inside is, countless options that should please any cannabis enthusiast or new consumer. Along with beautifully arranged wood framing throughout the store, which brings an artistic side to the industry. Once I was ready to make a selection, the budtender assisted me right away. She was very aware and knowledgeable of the products and where they were located on the shelves, she took down my selections and informed me that my order will be available soon. Then she gave me a number. About 5 minutes later my number was called and I paid for my items with the cashier. I noticed my order came out of a window in the wall similar to a diner style cafe. It’s an interesting concept, not sure if it works for efficiency but I’ll roll with it. Didn’t get a chance to checkout the tasting lounge this time around, but I will make my way over to Nuwu again next week for the drive thru action, and to pick up more edibles and flower. Be sure to go and experience the ambiance of Nuwu Marketplace for yourself.

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