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Original Glue #4

Strain: Original Glue #4 by Acres Cannabis

Producer: Acres Cannabis

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Og Glue
Og Glue Packaging


Moss green color with faint orange 100%
It absolutely reeks 100%
Heavy, skunky flavor 100%
Entourage effect heightening your sense 100%


Ad description 0%
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Original Glue #4, also known as Gorilla Glue #4, is one of Acres’ premier strains. It is known for the woozy, dreamy high that it produces.

Appearance 5/5
The nugs are small and compact. They are a moss green color with faint orange lines running down the middle. The nugs look dense and sticky, but they break apart easily in your fingers. I like crumbly weed. It is easier to smoke. The dank, sticky strains gum up your pipe and bong. There is a difference between slightly dry, fluffy weed and old weed. A lot of stoners try to avoid old weed. It is not as effective. The buds are dusted with a layer of shining trichomes. 

Aroma 5/5
If you like the smell of diesel, you are going to like getting high with OG #4. It absolutely reeks. The aroma bursts out of the little plastic bag. It smells good because it is weed. A little skunkiness is okay when it comes to pot. OG #4’s strong, pungent scent is like stoner catnip. People love it because it is so interesting. You haven’t smelled anything like OG #4 today. Dispensaries put tiny smelling jars stuffed with weed on display because they know how important the nose is when deciding on the strain. If you don’t like the way OG #4 smells, you are probably not going to like smoking it. 

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Taste 5/5
OG #4 is surprisingly delicious. It is one of those strains where you don’t really know what you are getting until you try it. It is a full-bodied cross between Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel. The chocolate taste is lost in the mixture. However, there are still a few sweet notes discernible. They are mostly masked by a heavy, skunky flavor. There is also a bit of earthiness thrown in for good measure. OG #4’s taste is completely unique. If you smoke it enough, you will start to recognize it. There is nothing more fun than discovering a new weed flavor. OG #4 doesn’t taste like something that you would like to smear on top of a cupcake or on a bagel, but the rich flavor is highly attractive. 

Effect 5/5
You will be hooked on OG #4 after the first puff. The moment the smoke starts sliding down and into your lungs you will feel a tingle in your muscles. Your brain will feel as though a light is slowly being switched on. The weed is testing at 28.7% THC. To back up that heavy cannabinoid dose, the buds are also saturated with terpenes. There are 4.73 mg/g of B-caryophyllene, 3.07 mg/g of limonene, and 3.59 mg/g of myrcene. They all combine to produce the entourage effect, heightening your sense of being of stoned. You don’t need to smoke a lot to feel incredible.

Original Glue #4 by Acres is the rare strain that I could smoke daily and never get sick of. If weed was created by man rather than nature, this is what it would look like. OG #4 has everything that stoners look for when they hit the dispensary. Because Acres grows the strain itself, it is usually in stock. It is one of their more expensive strains, but you can still pick up a gram for less than $20.

2320 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone Number: (702) 399-4200
Hours: Open 24 Hours

Acres is one of the big players in town. Their 4/20 blowout was huge. This is my first time coming back since then. Every time I pull into Acres’ lot, I am impressed by the mural painted on the wall outside. I feel welcome here. Stoners belong at this dispensary. Their lobby has a plush, high-class feel. After the receptionist buzzes you into the main dispensary, you are immediately confronted with a line. You can join it, or you can walk around for a bit eyeing the dispensary wares. Acres’ menu is stuffed with Acres-grown strains.

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